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. How should Carman respond to the invitation to tell the Quick and Reilly executives what he thought of Oracle? What features of this particular interaction influence your opinion? Would your opinion of the right response change if the circumstances were different?
Response to Cathy’s query:
• Corresponding to Siebel’s Core Values, Carman should treat customers with deference and professional fashion as representatives from Quick and Reilly could be our prospects
• He should avoid providing incomplete information; also whatever information is demanded from customer should be provided without any reluctance
• It’s a perfect opportunity to flaunt the strengths and fleet of partners
• Share some of Siebel’s success stories
• In order to provide details of competitive landscape in CRM market, Carman can share Gartner Research Report which shows Siebel systems as a complete solution provider and market leader
• Since Cathy belongs to Client service and marketing Department; Carman shouldn’t explain too much of technical details of product instead he must focus on how a Siebel product can cater to their organizational requirements.

Features influencing opinions:
• Since meeting was not prior scheduled, lack of understanding about clients’ needs, budget and requirements could strain the prospective deal
• Carman is not sure if Cathy Ridley is Influencer or Decider and degree of power that she holds in organization
• Carman himself is not comfortable in comparing Siebel to its competitors until he knew the clients’ requirements
• Conversation is more of casual one which might not lead to conversion of deal

Responses if circumstances were different:
• If the meeting was prior arranged the agenda could have been framed beforehand, Sales Department would be able to collect information about clients’ needs, budget and requirements thus increasing the…...

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