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Should Physician Help Patient Sucide

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Should Physicians Be Allowed to Assist in Patient Suicide
Ethical Issues in the Biomedical Science

Jennifer Ricardo

PHI 352- PK
Barry University

The issue of physician-assisted suicide has come to be one of the most controversial legal issues in recent history. In my opinion I think that the law is designed to lay out guidelines for the social conduct of individuals in society. Yet, within this definition there are extremes on both ends of the spectrum in which the law encompasses. The question of whether or not physicians can legally prescribe and administer lethal doses of medication to mentally competent patients who suffer from the issue of physician-assisted suicide has become a heated topic. Whether or not physicians can legally prescribe and administer lethal doses of medication to mentally competent patients who suffer from untreatable pain is not an easily conclusive issue. Rather, the question of the ethics is the pressing legal matter. Some may argue that life should be ended in its due time and not tampered with, yet I cannot agree with this. I strongly feel that mentally competent adults who are in a constant state of suffering and who know, and have been told that death is inevitable have the right to commit suicide with the aid of a physician. If the person so wishes to end their life it should not lay blame on the physician who assisted in the matter.
Medically Ethical Behavior
Ethical behavior is defined my moral principals or value based on concepts whether something is good or bad. Moral behavior is based on socially accepted codes or notions of right or wrong. Therefore, ethics and morality are alike but not the same. Ethical decision making must balance the right of an individual to decide for him/herself. Justice involves in making the decision to handle the contending interest so everyone is treated fairly.…...

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