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This test is performed to determine the consolidation – drained shear strength of a sandy to silty soil. This shear strength is one of the most important engineering properties of a soil, because it is required whenever a structure is depended on a soil shearing resistance. The shear strength is needed for engineering situation such as determining the stability of slopes or cut, finding the bearing capacity for foundation and calculated the pressure exerted by a soil retaining wall.
The direct shear stress is a strain – controlled test: the rate at which the soil will be strained is controlled. A specimen of soil will be placed into a shear box, and consolidated under an applied normal load. The shear box is made of two separate halves, an upper and lower. After the application of the normal load, these two halves of box will be moved relative to one another, shearing the soil specimen on the plane that is separation of the two halves. The direct shear test imposes stress condition on the soil that force the failure plane occur at a predetermined location ( on the plane that separates the two halve of the box). One this plane there two force (or stresses) acting – a normal stress, due to an applied vertical load Pᵥ and a shearing stress, due to the applied horizontal load Pᶮ. These stresses are simply computed as :
Óᵑ=Pᵥ /A

Where A is the normal area of the specimen (or of the shear box). It is usually not corrected for the change in sample area cause by the lateral displacement of the sample under the shear load pᶮ. These stresses…...

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