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Among numerous subjects in myriads of fields, mathematics and philosophy, demanding impeccably logical thinking, share a great deal of features. All of the deans of ancient mathematics, Pythagoras; of Renaissance, Gottfried Leibniz; of modern, Bertrand Russell, were also major philosophers. Meanwhile, the ultimate ambitions of both subjects are closely linked—to give an explanation of everything by finding the general rules and patterns governing the entire universe. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to deduce that almost no one is able to state the subtle connection between these two fields. Try wandering in the most densely populated spot in New York City, Times Square, and asking someone from the crowd. Therefore, it is a good idea to show how they can blend into each other.
Theory, as the word is used by scientists, is the highest expression of the quintessential ideas. In mathematics, some influential theories eventually boil down to philosophical ideas after their natures have been extracted and refined, and vice versa, even though the creators of such theories do not intentionally start thinking with ideas from the other discipline. For instance, the Nash Equilibrium, the great idea from John F.Nash, also a milestone in the development of game theory, has changed the foundations of economics. However, if we meticulously deconstruct this theory until we find its intrinsic nature, a philosophical idea will emerge at its core. The principal idea of the Nash Equilibrium can be interpreted as “To avoid the worst instead of to get the best,” a thought that existed in eastern philosophy—staying in the middle. Such a coincidence is indeed more than a coincidence, demonstrating how philosophy and mathematics “get along with each other”. However, the Nash Equilibrium is not the only example, as shown by…...

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