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Company 6 Mission Statement 6 Vision 6
SWOT Analysis 7 Strengths: 7 Weaknesses: 9 Opportunities: 10 Threats: 11 MANAGEMENT 11 MARKETING STRATEGY 14
Product 15 Estimated Production Material: 19 FAB Analysis of Product 20
Pricing 21
Promotion 22 Website 24 Advertisement 24 Trade Shows 24 Australia( Trade Shows) 25 Kuwait( Trade Shows) 26
Tariff Barriers 29
Advantages of Exporting 32
Disadvantages of Exporting 34 MODES OF PAYMENTS 34
Letters of credit 35 FINANCIALS 36 REFERENCES 42 APPENDIX 1 43 APPENDIX 2 47 APPENDIX 3 50


The company SHADOWS is aimed to manufacture and export wooden perfumed Blinds which would not only protect the consumers from the sunlight but also satisfy their aesthetic sense.
There is much room for such unconventional products. The beauty lies in the making of the oriental product with the skilful hands, which certainly be having a high return and more demand. The geographical location of the host countries will make our product a necessity rather than luxury.
Kuwait and Australia are the markets where the potential has to be explored with their disposable income at the higher end. The cosmopolitan culture of the two countries is expected to pay premium on the handmade decorative item. In short we found these two countries optimum from all the above mentioned perspectives.
Production would be carried out in Khushab district where availability of raw material and skilled labor is plentiful…...

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