Sexual Orientation in Leadership and Communication

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Role of Sexual Orientation in Leadership and Communication Style
John M. Stinnett
ORG300 – Applying Leadership Principles
Colorado State University – Global Campus
Dr. Wendy G. Wilson
February 14, 2015

Role of Sexual Orientation in Leadership and Communication Style
Leadership can be defined as the process through which an individual guides and motivates a group towards the achievement of a common goal/s. Until recently, men have largely held leadership positions and men were thusly stereotyped to be more effective leaders. Women were seldom seen in senior leadership roles, and openly gay individuals were almost unheard of as leaders. However, currently with a more liberal trend to be open about one’s sexuality; gays and lesbians have become more frequent in the workforce over the past few decades, especially in management and leadership positions. The stereotypes are changing as more and more homosexuals enter leadership roles.

Diversity in Leadership and Communication
Today’s leader must be skilled in intercultural and diversity communication styles. As Van Hoyes and Livens state, “an organization’s success, profit and growth depend increasingly on the management of a diverse work force” (2003). Diversity includes such things as race, gender, age, color, physical ability, national origin, etc. The definition of diversity has recently been more broadly updated to include religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education, language, lifestyle, beliefs, physical appearance and economic status. Sexual orientation represents a not so obvious or type of diversity, as opposed to more visible characteristics such as race or gender. The reason is that gay, lesbian, and bisexual employees choose as to what degree they reveal their sexual orientation in the workplace. “Lately, sexual orientation has received a growing amount of attention, including through the…...

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