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Prostitution should be illegal because it is very dangerous for women. Prostitution can spread sexual transmitted diseases and is a bad influence on other women & young women. There are several women who still decide to choose and live this lifestyle. The only big picture that they see I guess is that there is a lot of money involved. Instead of looking at the real big picture they choose to go the easy but not safe route. If a prostitute is out and about looking to sell her body and soul she can easily be snatched up by a violent individual and never heard from again. Prostitution should not be allowed because there are several dangerous situations that it could put women in. A prostitute could be easily used for a sick pervert’s nasty fantasy. Not to mention that they can be raped or even robbed for everything that they worked so hard for. I could only imagine living the lifestyle of a prostitute and getting robbed for everything I ruined my mind, body and soul for. Prostitution should not be allowed because they are putting not only themselves in danger but also others. They could easily give and catch a disease. What’s even worse is catching or giving someone something that you can’t get rid of such as aids or HIV. A prostitute could risk getting pregnant by someone they don’t even know on the count of them sleeping with so many people. The prevalence of HIV infection among IDUs has reached up to 52%. Although the prevalence of HIV is still less than 5% among women selling sex, their sexual behaviors and practices place them at high risk of acquiring and spreading HIV and STIs (UNAIDS, 2008). The National Sexually Transmitted
Infections/Reproductive Tract Infections (STI/RTI) study of Pakistan revealed a high burden of STIs among female sexworkers (FSWs) (Family Health International
[FHI], 2004). A prostitute is a bad…...

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...Professor Stephen Henrichon FYW-101 12/1/11 Sex-Trafficking in Cambodia Many believe that all types of slavery have been banished, but in fact sex trafficking is on the rise especially in areas like Thailand and Cambodia. Sex trafficking is a modern form of slavery in which a sexual act is forced and or the person forced to perform the act is under the age of 18 years old (“Sex Trafficking”). Since there have been advancements in technologies such as the innovation of the Internet, a drastic demand for this trade has increased immensely. Sex trafficking is the slavery of the twenty-first century, but has become one the world’s growing industries (“Kristof”). In fact, sex trafficking is the second most profitable illicit business globally, being a nine to twenty-seven billion dollar industry (“Sex Trafficking”). Since sex trafficking is the second most profitable illicit business globally many people are involved hence why there are over 32 million people enslaved around the world (“Sex Trafficking”). Out of those 32 million people enslaved, eighty percent of the victims are in sexual servitude (“Sex Trafficking”). Sex trafficking is everywhere, but many people are not aware of the issue. People around the world have done little to stem the tide of sex trafficking (“Cambodia”). With the help of people observing signs of sexual activity and donating to organizations that help victims of the sex slave trade, the sex trafficking can hopefully be put to an end, not only in......

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