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Self Mamagement using the ABC model

Self management is a organized approach to achieve academic and personal goals. To succeed academically, professionally, and personally, we need to manage our feelings, behaviors, and thoughts in ways that contribute to our goals. However, before we can accomplish specific self-management goals, we need to be able to identify our feelings, behaviors, and thoughts, distinguish among them, and recognize their interrelationships. Achieving success by managing you ABCs- Affect, Behavior, and Cognition. Using the ABC's you can increase your motivation, save time and end procrastination, improve your grades, strengthen your relationships, communicate more effectively, raise your self-confidence, and increase positive feelings, behaviors and thoughts. In order to use and benefit from the ABC Model we need to be able to think critically and motivate ourselves consistently. We can improve our motivation, time management, study habits, relationships, self-esteem, and other areas of our lives by changing the ABC interactions that comprise them. Whether we are dealing with a particular problem or just trying to improve our well-being, the ABCs are involved. Once we have identified the precise feelings, behaviors, and thoughts, the interactions among them, and determined the component we want to change. Only you can determine the importance of your actions.Friends and family have their opinions, but they dont really know what you truly value. If an action will help you achieve what you value, then it's important and you would be crazy not to do it. Only you can determine the urgency of your actions. Others will set deadlines for you but these external finish lines wont be motivating unless you make them personally important.

Many people claim their lives would be better if only circumstances were somehow different. When our focus is on…...

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