Security Assessment Recommendations

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Course Project: Security Assessment Recommendations
Vincent Hill
DeVry University Keller Graduate School
Principles of Information Security and Privacy
Professor Krell
April 15, 2012

Course Project: Security Assessment Recommendations


An organization that specializes in making web site and providing web business solutions is known as Quality web design is. The company’s goal is to help its customers increase consumer generated revenue to Quality Web Design customer web sites. The other business solutions accompanied are accounting, payroll marketing, also parts of the business process and for which it assets are employed. Quality Web Design should be made aware of various security issues, even those that are not common. Identified are two of the potential security weaknesses that require improvement, and the possible remedies for each threat.
The company Quality Web Design provides business solutions to the customers... The circuit used by the company may prove various flaws to security and the hardware and software used have various limitations as Microsoft share point which have limitations in supporting virtualization, up gradation whereas the web server provided by IBM provides various functionalities over the Microsoft web server. The company has a very good hardware, software, network system, the assets used by the company provide the support to the business process but there are many limitations of the hardware, software, assets and the network design they provide the support to the companies by providing web solutions so that they can spread their business through internet. The company processes also include accounting, payroll marketing. The paper will contain the solution to all the mentioned problems that may occur due to the weaknesses.

The business solutions provided by quality web design helps their customers…...

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