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Environmental aspects
Focusing on today’s environmental climate, the global economy has continued to reach firmer ground even though regional differences remains. The European growth has been held back by high predominant debts and unemployed levels. However, through a business sentiment perspective, the stock and some relevant financial markets have turned more positive as shown by higher Nordic and German corporate and capital market activities like IPOs and tenders (SEB 2014). Yet the large global economic imbalances remain and the potential reduction of liquidity support to financial markets from central banks contains a risk of creating direct and indirect effects that could be difficult to assess (SEB 2014). Another considered market uncertainty during 2014, is the unfolding geopolitical development in Ukraine and the Middle East, causing ambiguity around future outlooks within relevant financial markets.
In general, the present environment is contributing to extraordinary resulting figures of low inflation, low interest rates and records of over six years of central bank liquidity in the Eurozone and the US. This in respective has given rise to low risk differentiation in credit spreads and a sharp increase in asset prices (SEB 2014).
About SEB
SEB is regarded as one of the leading corporate- and investment banks of Scandinavia. The company is lead by CEO Annika Falkenberg and currently employs 16 000 highly-skilled people in over 20 countries around the world, hence covering different time zones, securing reach and local market knowledge with its headquarter in Stockholm. SEB serves around 2 900 large companies and institutions, 4 000 small and medium enterprises and four million private clients. SEB international operations are directed towards eleven different financial markets around the globe. SEB has received many prestigious rewards over the…...

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