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AS Level History

Russia 1855 – 1917
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1. Alexander II

2. Alexander III

3. Nicholas II

4. Stability of the Tsarist Regime 1905 - 14

5. Political Opposition

6. February / March Revolution 1917

7. October Revolution 1917

Tsar Alexander II

To what extent does Tsar Alexander II deserve to be viewed as the Tsar Liberator?


Alexander II 1855-81

▪ Came to the throne during the Crimean War (1855)
▪ Initiated a wide range of reforms (social, economic, administrative and legal)
▪ Earned the title ‘Liberator’ for giving freedom to the peasants BUT did not wish to share political power
▪ Assassinated by the People’s Will in 1881

Answering the key question

|Introduction |Use this chart to answer any question on Alex II |
| |All questions (whether relating to ‘Liberator’ or not) will require BALANCE |
| |Precision of knowledge – “Detail is King!” |

| |Yes |No |
|Emancipation |Emancipation Committees set up |Redemption Payments (49 years) |
|1861 |Peasants were free, could own property, marry, trade and were |Betrayal? “We are yours, but the land is not ours” |
| |given a quarter of old land free (no land given to ex-slaves |Peasants lost land, fell by a fifth |
| |in the…...

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