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Save the Internet!

In a country that is all about the freedom of its people, I would think that it would be hard to believe that people are constantly trying to take that freedom away. Imagine my surprise when I logged onto one of my favourite websites and found out that we now have to fight for the right to browse and use the internet in whatever ways we see fit. Cable companies are now trying to make it their job to tell me what the internet is for and how I should use it. In my opinion, that is not right nor is it fair. The internet has always been owned by everybody and allowing cable companies to control what we – as customers – have access to is a form of discrimination. As a country we have been fighting discrimination in many different areas for such a long time, so why in the world would we want to pass something that brings more of it into our lives?

Reclassifying Title II with Open Internet Rules

Title II of the Communications Act has been around since 1934. It kept telecommunications companies as common carriers, which means that our cable providers have to deliver data from source to destination without any differential treatment, and without discrimination. This has given us the right to surf the internet without any restrictions on what websites load and work faster and better than others. However, internet service providers are now trying to "charge content providers to deliver data to customers through a so-called Internet fast lane" (Berkman, 2014). All that means for us is that these providers are setting up a financial arrangement with websites which would allow for the favouring of the content within that website. The owners of smaller websites that they use for their businesses would then suffer because of the fact that they might not be able to afford the fees. Those sites will be slower, degraded, or maybe even completely…...

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