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Social media has been considered a positive factor for many as it helps people stay connected with family and friends. When it was invented, the inventors of social media networks would never have dreamed of the impact social media would have on people. Although social media is indeed a positive thing, it can become an addiction and affect the daily lives of many people. For example, when a person does nothing but log online and stay connected on Facebook or Twitter, it disrupts their daily lives. This is addiction, and it is a psychological problem.
Many people, who are addicted to social networking, spend time making sure their lives are perfect set up to post online. For example, if every waking minute is designed to perfection, so that it can be reflected on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, this is a sign of social media addiction. If a person considers how or what he or she does and where he or she goes and how it will reflect on social media, this person is so addicted to social media it is time to take a step back and consider the consequences.
Gone are the days when things private were kept…. private. Every aspect of a person’s life is on Facebook or Twitter from the time the person wakes up to the time the person goes to sleep. Many people upload themselves painting their finger and toenails, having a crisis in life, even a funeral! This is called social media addiction. If a person is unable to do a single thing, without recording it on social media, this person is addicted to social media. If every aspect of life is shared among friends, there is very little time for that person to really enjoy whatever he or she is doing, and this affects their lives.
Any person who cannot do his or her daily chores, and instead, finds her/himself constantly on social media, is definitely addicted to it. For example, housewives who leave their daily chores piling up…...

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