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CHAPTER II RELATED LITERATURE: There have been several breakthroughs in this research of saltwater being converted into electricity. The first one presented is an accidental discovery made in the Erie, Pennsylvania, 2007. John Kanzius set on fire a vial with saltwater using a radio frequency generator. Kanzius was experimenting with desalinate seawater. While doing so, he found he could keep the water “burning” as long as it was exposed to the proper frequencies from his machine. Rustum Roy, a professor at Penn State University, tried this experiment in the lab at the university, and, to his surprise, it actually worked. He explained that the salt water wasn’t actually burning. It was, in fact, the radio frequency that helped weaken the bonds holding together the salt water’s constituents. Roy says that he will continue to investigate on this, and he can see the potential applications of this process of burning saltwater as a source of alternative energy. Another recent breakthrough in relation to this topic is the topic on Power Generation. A team of researchers from the US and China have discovered a new desalination process that could produce electricity and clean water. They did this by modifying a microbial fuel cell, which is used to desalinate saltwater into drinkable water. Bruce Logan from Pennsylvania State University says that desalination of saltwater uses a lot of electricity, but by using the microbial desalination cells, one can desalinate saltwater and produce electricity while removing the organic material from the saltwater. Previously, most desalination plants need electricity and high pressure to desalinate saltwater, but with this new technique uses organic matter to remove most of salt from brackish water or seawater. The older process uses 2 chambers in the microbial fuel cell, but the new process uses 3 chambers one containing saltwater, the…...

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