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|LO 1 Understand |1.1 |Accommodation and front office services for different organisations.…...

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...Rooms Division The rooms division is one of the key departments within a hotel, involving the sales and the delivery of services and facilities for the guests. According to Baker, Huyton and Bradley (2000), this department is the most important as rooms sales are the main source of revenue for the business. This department is usually divided into two departments: front office and housekeeping, however Dix and Baird (1998), explain that larger hotels will have many more smaller departments including advance reservations, reception, cashier and so on. The role of the front office derives from the guest cycle, which according to Baker, Huyton and Bradley (2000), refers to the stages of a typical hotel stay. These stages include pre-arrival, arrival, occupancy, departure. During the pre-arrival stage, the role of the front office involves making a reservation for the guest, which could be via telephone, online etc. During the arrival phase, the front office will complete the registration, allocate rooms and issue their keys. During the guest’s stay, the front office is responsible for responding to the varying needs of each particular guest and could include handling telephone calls, transportation, mail and information, currency exchanges, safe deposits and maintain guest’s accounts. During the departure phase of the guest cycle, the front office will be responsible for handling check-out, bill settlement, baggage handling and transportation, which will once again depend......

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...the most used communication method in our day to day in communicating to our colleagues, within the office, in boardroom meeting, that is the world words used verbally to inform our subordinate of a decision, information which can be done face to face or by phone. In the old days communication are done face to face, where one need to walk or travel some mile to deliver a message to other colleagues but here in ages of technology it has taken a faster approach through telephone, emails, message texting. Etc. The oral communication needs to demonstrate a listening and speaking skill from both ends. In hospitality industry excellent communication is a very important issue because customers are paying not only for the products, the food, the room or the facilities but they are paying for the service rendered by the Hotel. Writing communication; This is another form of communication used in hospital industry to provide detailed information such as figures and fact to customers, stakeholders, on media and when sending documents and other important materials. In the recent years writing communication has taken another step forward in the era of e-mailing, videoconferencing and multiple way phone calls with several individuals simultaneously. Body Language; This area of communication is more vital in management techniques, the power of non-verbal communication such as your smile, gesture tone of voice complementing, contradiction, substitution and repetition. These send out......

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...It is the world of hospitality operation and management including service about how to achieve business excellence. Room division operation includes different departments related with care, provision and selling of the rooms which covers housekeeping, front office, reception, front house, linen and laundry, telephone operator, doorman, mail and messages, concierge, valet and butler (John and Brown, 2003). As we know accommodation includes type of services which helps for staying that consists of hotels, motels, clubs, cruise liners and hospitals with different range of facilities. It provides bedroom, suite, apartment, cabin and hospital wards for guest to enjoy and entertain. The range of accommodation service includes the different of housekeeping and maintenance. Different organisation does have different way and style and accommodation and service to fulfil guest requirement. Reception is the place within hospitality operation management which makes first interaction with guest. The roles and responsibilities of staff regarding housekeeping includes planning, providing, serving, cleaning rooms, public areas, supplying anything required, managing laundry and day cleaning, providing comfort and recreation, preparing documentation and record keeping, manage floral management, ensure health, safety and security, make everything looks good with nice furnishing and refurbishment to ensure accommodation environment encouraging occupancy by housekeeper, wardens, matron and......

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...UNIT 6: ROOMS DIVISION OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Get assignment help for this unit at LO1 Understand services provided by the rooms division in diverse contexts Accommodation services: roles and responsibilities; housekeeping; maintenance; working procedures; control mechanisms; decoration and furnishings; refurbishment; accommodation environment and occupancy; guest services and supplies; linen services and laundry; cleaning services; environmental issues; health, safety and security; documentation and records Front office services: roles and responsibilities; reception; advanced reservations; concierge; administration; working procedures; control mechanisms; interior design; first impressions; guest records; the guest cycle; occupancy rates and monitoring; selling and promotion; tariffs and discounting; billing; point of sale (POS); payment procedures; cash control and reconciliation; security Legal and statutory requirements: health and safety; hazardous substances; protective clothing; consumer law; price tariff and display; data protection; immigration (hotel records); diplomatic privileges Diverse contexts: hospitality businesses; at least three examples eg hotel, restaurant with rooms, university campus LO2 Understand the impact of contemporary management issues on the effective management and business performance in the front of house area Planning and managing: business/departmental plans; operations; procedures; POS management;......

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...Rooms Division Department I- HOTEL ORGANIZATION: ( In order to carry out its mission, global and departmental goals and objectives, every company shall build a formal structure depicting different hierarchy of management, supervision, and employee (staff) levels. This very structure is refereed to as organization chart. Moreover, the organization chart shows reporting relationships span of management, and staff/line functions. ( There are two types of relationships that might exist between any two functions at any organization chart. These are: 1. Solid Lines: (i.e.:((((() this kind of relationship shows Direct Line Accountability. To illustrate, if position A and B are linked with a solid line, it means (for example) that A shall report to B, that B shall tell A what to do, when to do, and how to it. Lastly, B shall be liable (i.e. responsible) for A. 2. Dotted Lines: (i.e. (---------() this kind of relationship entitles both positions linked with dotted lines to have a high degree of Cooperation and Communication but not direct line accountability. Usually in the hotel industry, where the sole aim is to satisfy guests, positions, whatsoever level in the hierarchy they occupy, shall coordinate jointly their efforts so as to provide quality, standard product to their customers. Therefore, examples of dotted lines are numerous in hotel organization charts. ( Every organization chart shall be flexible, to reflect the ever-changing environmental dynamics and, hence be......

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