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Module 3 – Assignment 5 Practice Case Examination Additional Information
(Time Allowed: 4 hours) Notes: i) ii) iii) iv) Candidates must not identify themselves in answering the question. All answers must be written on official answer sheets or in official electronic files. Work done on the question paper or on the Backgrounder will NOT be marked. Included in the examination envelope is a standard supplement consisting of formulae and tables that may be useful for answering the question. Examination materials MUST NOT BE REMOVED from the examination writing centre, except for the Instruction Sheet to Electronic Exam Writers, if applicable. All used and unused answer sheets, working papers, Backgrounder, Additional Information, the supplement and, if applicable, a USB key containing electronic answer files must be sealed in the examination envelope and submitted to the presiding officer before the candidate leaves the examination room. Candidates writing the examination electronically must keep the Instruction Sheet to Electronic Exam Writers, which provides instructions for uploading their responses following the examination. Only the following models of calculators are authorized for use on the Case Examination: 1. Texas Instruments 2. Hewlett Packard 3. Sharp TI BA II Plus (including the professional model) HP 10bII+ (or HP 10bll) EL-738C (or EL-738)


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Additional Information

Practice Case Examination – M3A5

RomaCorral Foods Ltd. (RCFL) Additional Information
Update As a result of the economic recession that began at the end of 2010, Canadian consumers continued to reduce…...

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...[pic]Harambe Predators & Roma Update I’m looking forward to a great spring season of soccer. Those that have been coming to practices have been working hard to prepare for the upcoming season. I certainly am excited to get out of the PAC, Soccer Dome and Sports City, and into the great outdoors! It’s been a while since I sent an update. It was pretty hectic dealing with 4 indoor teams, and I apologize. I’ll try to send out an update at least every other week. Teams This Spring Odede and I will have 3 outdoor teams. U13 Harambe Roma (U13B) ■ U15 Predators Red (BHS3) ■ U15 Predators Black (U16A) ■ Training Opportunities: Schedule Monday 5:30 – Roma – Practice – WMSL – Morton ■ Tuesday 5:30 – Roma Practice – WMSL – Morton ■ 5:30 – Predators Black and Red Practice – WMSL – Odede ■■ 5:30 – Goalkeepers Practice – WMSL – Stoiber ■■■ Wednesday 5:00 – Academy Practice (focus on fundamentals) – WMSL – Roma ■ 6:00 – Academy Practice (focus on fundamentals) – WMSL – Predators Black & Predators Red ■■ Thursday 5:30 – Predators Black Practice – WMSL – Morton ■ 5:30 – Predators Red Practice – WMSL – Odede ■ Saturday 2:30 – Speed and Agility – Lakeview – England ■■■ Practices will go until Dark. Practice days/times may change throughout the year, but his is how we will start. The teams have some great opportunities for training. At no additional cost you can go to an Academy practice which will focus on fundamentals (I encourage everyone to......

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