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Dear Zach, Let me first extend my gratitude for allowing me to express my views regarding the fitness center. I’m one of the 35% employees who use the fitness center, and I can, without any doubt testify that it is indeed a valuable asset of the company and has had a positive impact on my life. Recently, I had collected some data from the company records to find out if the fitness center has had any impact on our employees. I found that generally the users of the facility had lower medical costs than the non users. It was also observed that the annual absenteeism rates are half (6 days) for users when compared with the non users (12 days). I do agree that this could also be due to the natural health conditions of the persons involved, and may have nothing to do with the fitness center. But having personally realized that my productivity increased after frequenting the fitness center, I instituted a Wellness Program in my department, about 8 months ago. I can now proudly say that productivity has been up by 18% while the sick days have decreased by 5% in the claims department. Employees have set a goal of using the fitness center twice weekly, and some groups have even formed support groups to encourage each other. Most of the department’s employees now frequent the facility at least twice a week.

One of your arguments in support of closing the center was that it’s not required since no other competing company in our area offers this benefit. However, my view is that it could become a distinguishing factor for our company when compared with the rest, and also contribute to improve the external image of the…...

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