Riordian Request Part 2

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Riordian Request Part 2
Joel C. Rodriguez
University of Phoenix
July 21, 2014

A good way for the computers to be connected is by using the architecture called star network. The way this design works is that it will link multiple computers system through a central computer. The Central computer does not have to be the main computer. This design will serve the purpose of connecting all the systems together so it can run smoothly and efficiently. The computers can keep communication with each other and can make the system more efficient. The part of the design will be the software that is used to develop the system. The way that the software will be put into the department’s computer is by distributing a CD rom that will have the software. The Software will be installed in the department’s computers in the Human Resources Department for Riordian. The disk will have the system software, all the drives, and necessary information about the system that will available for the user to use when needed to fix any problems the user may have. All application that are used will be compatible with the current operating system, which will run smoothly and efficiently on the computers that have the system. In order to make user that everything will run smoothly is by testing it out with the applications that is used in Riordian. This will give a chance to fix any problems when implementing of the new system. If computers need upgrades in the components then they will be replaced so it can be capable of using the newest technology and will be able to full fill the request for Riordian. Some parts that may need to be replaced can be components such as graphic cards, new CPU’s, motherboards, and memory. The old system will be updated with new modern technology if needed and will be brought up to date. The old programs in the computers will be replaced with newer files so it…...

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