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Blake Harris

June 5, 2012

Retired NFL Players

Every fall a majority of Americans count down the days to the start of every NFL season. It is the time of the year when people look forward to traveling to their favorite team’s stadium, or powering up the big screen to watch the game. The NFL provides an outlet every Sunday for people to relax and enjoy exciting entertainment. Everyone looks forward. So many people have invested themselves into their favorite team by purchasing season tickets, sporting countless items of team gear, devoting many hours to fantasy football, and gambling. It is no secret the level of impact that the NFL has on so many people of all ages and genders. The NFL does a great job marketing their product and brand to everyone across the United States. I personally look forward to see how my Bengals will fair every season. As every season passes, I become more and more encompassed with the National Football League. I find myself becoming more attached to every storyline throughout the entire year. I become more involved with the draft process, the training camp headlines, and free agent acquisitions. The sixteen game NFL schedule doesn’t quench my thirst, and I find myself wishing for more when the season comes to an end. Although the NFL produces a great product every Sunday afternoon, are they taking the necessary steps to protect and assist the people that make it all possible?

Like many of the millions of people that tune in for the NFL on Sunday, I used to find myself craving for the next big hit. I loved watching players like Ray Lewis and James Harrison smashing the receiver coming across the middle, or the running back trying to shoot through the line. It upset me when the National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell came down hard on players for hits that we all look forward to. I began to think and…...

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