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The Refugee Crisis Essay

The meaning of the phrase ´´refugee crisis´´ can be difficult to grasp until all photographs of dead toddlers, desperate families crowded at train stations and children sleeping on sidewalks are seen.
Thousands of desperate people are daily fleeing from their home countries because of war, persecution and oppression. Many head for Europe which makes the crisis there grow bigger and appear more acute.
The main cause of this crisis by far is the war in Syria as well as civil unrest in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

The refugee crisis is a bleeding wound that must be treated. However it´s easier said that done. The anti-refugee politics in western and several other wealthy countries have increased drastically. The wealthy countries that are best suited to taking in refugees are opposed to the idea and its effects. Several wealthy countries have discouraged refugees and actively worked to prevent them from reaching their shores. The attitude of such countries has contributed to the crisis growing out of control.

However in order to solve the refugee crisis, all EU member states must take their fare share of responsibility! EU states must simply stop acting as if the refugee crisis on the Mediterranean is a sole responsibility of Europe´s littoral countries.

If the refugee crisis was just a question of money it would probably have been easier to solve, but it is not. It´s rather a question of overcoming anti-refugee policies and right-wing populism. Taking in large influxes of refugees also requires accepting the fact that these people might bring changes to a nation´s identity as well as culture. That is of course often very positive as refugees have normally had very positive influences on their host countries by for instance improving everthing from their foods to scientific discoveries. But on the other hand this multiculture…...

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