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The first people I choose are my former roommate, Sven. I want to strengthen my relationship with him. Since he is a guy, I think appearance doesn’t matter as a friendship attraction variable for me. One important fact is proximity. We are roommate, so we live and play together closely, we often interact with each other. We have a good reason to form a good friendship. Another important fact is similarity. We have many similarities. For instance, we both love basketball, we both like singing and music, etc. I think he is very similar to me, so I like him. We share not only our hobbies but also sense of humor. I can get his joke and he can get mine. We share our way of seeing the world as well, we have a very similar worldview. Finally, we have complementarity. Although we are so similar to each other, we are personality complementary. I am a short temper guy, and he is not. So we never have argument. He is good temper. Despite he is not my roommate anymore, he moved out to live with his girlfriend. I still want to be friend of him and strengthen our relationship.
The person I am not particularly attracted is my high school classmate, Kevin. As I mentioned above, appearance is ok for in a friendship relationship. For proximity, since I am in US and he is in China, we are very far away and it’s been a long we haven’t see each other. So I guess it’s different for us to improve relationship because of the distance, we can’t interact well. I think similarity is one of the reasons why we used to be friend. Just like Sven. Our similarity has not changed. Last but least, complementarity is also a key reason why I don’t want to strengthen our relationship. We always argue and even have a fight, I think maybe we just don’t fit each…...

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