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Reflection and Response
Throughout my life I have encountered numerous things and witnessed a few outstanding events, but the one I will focus on is a very special person who’s wisdom has got me this far. If it were not for teachers such as music teachers and their talented gift of allowing every student, that have passed through their classroom, to learn, to love and experience music and making music in those years of their childhood, I would not be where I am today. I knew music but this one person enlightened me that there is much more to music than just knowing it. But as young as I was back then I never really understood what that meant and so in a sense I never thought it to be too interesting. A couple months passed and a competition arose and I was so into the competition that I began looking into how I could enter into the competition. Then it hit me, what that person said to me a couple months ago about music and how there is much more to it than knowing it.
This competition opened my eyes to what that music teacher had said and I was excited. My new discovery about music, that making music and using my voice to do that was what the teacher was talking about. You see that teacher saw something special in my voice and spoke words that I couldn’t quite understand back then but now I believe in two things that music is much more and that it comes as a surprise to me and many others. The music teacher helped me to develop my voice so that I could get into the competition. The patients of this teacher was incredible, I don’t think I could do that if I were my own music instructor.
We as students sometimes don’t see music as those who teach it, perform it or compose it. When we truly have respect for music then we will truly see the wonders and many forums of music that it has to offer its listeners and composers. I love music and have grown so much all…...

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