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Ashar Siddiqui
SOM 301-207
April 2nd, 2013
Date: March 27th, 2013
To: Daniel Snyder, Redskins Owner
From: Ashar Siddiqui, SOM student
Subject: Redskins CSR proposal

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The Redskins can play a major role in helping with a major epidemic in our youth day; Obesity. Children today are revolved around video games, mindless hours watching television and endless hours on the computer. Gone are the days where you had to look out for kids playing on the streets while driving and even avoiding cyclists. A dangerously low inactive lifestyle is sweeping the nation's children, and the Redskins can help. A new proposed plan will allow children to not only engage in a more physically active lifestyle, but they will enjoy it.
Each summer, the Redskins will hold a junior training camp which will allow children in schools from Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia to train with the actual team. They will have to perform real NFL style drills and plays led by the same coaches and players on the Redskins team staff. It will be divided by age class, with the older kids receiving more rigorous activities and vice versa. Since the Redskins are such a cherished organization, and athletes are treated as celebrities, the children would be more than willing to participate in this event.
The junior training camp will of couse have a limit to the amount of kids allowed, in order to keep it low cost. It will be part of an incentive program in correlation to the childrens physical education class at school. The top scorers from schools around the community will be allowed to participate in the program. This will provide a massive motivational tool for kids in their P.E classes.
There is great benefit to both parties with this plan. It will take place after school has ended, so it does not interfere with the childrens school work. Also…...

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