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Many people have different ideas on how are on the earth and how it all came about. The Christians believe God created all things. From day one God created the heavens the earth, the human race, marriage, salvation, faith, government and the covenant. I believe all of this is true and practice the Christian faith. I was raised in this faith and all of my family before me was raised in the same faith.
My view on same sex marriage is different from the worldview of it today. I was taught that people who like the same sex is wrong and they were going to hell. I was taught the reason god destroyed Earth the first time was due to moral values being ignored and men laying with men. God created marriage one man and one woman to go out and reproduce. I have not yet to guess what would have happened to the human race if God wanted to have same sex marriage there would be no human race left. I am very sure that God is very upset with our country which is supposed to be one under and passing laws to marry the same sex is wrong. I support the one man one woman marriage completely as does my family.
Since I was a small child I have been taught about Gods love, grace, rules, and wrath. God taught us how to conduct our weeks, work six days a week and take the seventh day for rest. God also made twenty four hours in each day to complete our tasks. The Seventh Day Adventist church has church on Saturday which they state is the seventh day our culture has many churches that worship very differently. Many ways of Religion has caused many problems throughout our time. Many civilizations and other people in our own society believe in evolution that we are not created by god. First what does evolution mean? Evolution is the change of inherited characteristics of biological populations over successive generations. This is all man, plants, animals, and all other living things. Human…...

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