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Rajasthani Kada Anklet

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Object of Study : Rajasthani Silver Kada



Object of Study: Rajasthani silver kada
Shape: Round and inflexible
Metal: Silver
Weight: 360 Gms

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In India, for women being decked up with ornaments from head to toe was that it is considered a woman’s duty to forever be at her best with pleasant appearance in front of her husband and relatives. Hence the elaborate regimen for various ornaments and equal importance is given to wearing anklets.
An anklet, also called ankle chain or ankle bracelet, is an ornament worn around the anklet. It may be worn tight like a leather strap or may dangle an inch or two. Anklets have been worn for thousands of years within different cultures. Sometimes the ankle bracelet has a significant meaning, while other anklets are worn just for beauty. Even today, people enjoy the sparkle of a dainty ankle bracelet and wear all types, from a slim silver one to a more chunky costume jewellery anklet.
Anklets have always enhanced the dainty and feminine side of elegance. They are an important part of women’s adornment in the Indian culture though they have also been found in other ancient cultures of Egypt and Middle East. Anklets are a part of ornamentation and have great spiritual and social significance. However, apart from their aesthetic value the basic motive of the anklet is to draw attention to the wearer’s legs and feet. These historically have been worn for centuries by girls and women in India, where it is commonly known as kada or payal. Other than its aesthetic value, anklets have health benefits too. It is even believed that when a bride enters her husband’s house, the tinkling sound is auspicious. So, one of the main jewellery of the bride during her wedding is an anklet.
Mostly, Indians prefer to wear payal made of silver, as gold is considered to be the metal of the Gods. People in India, therefore, consider it disrespectful to wear gold on the lowermost part of the body.
Metal anklets are of two types - flexible and inflexible. The former made by tying links in a chain. Subsequently, sonorous bells can be attached to the chain, so that the wearer can make pleasing sounds while walking. The latter, are usually created by giving shape to a flat metal sheet. Inflexible anklets does not require as much as skill required in flexible ones.
According to Fausset's Bible Dictionary, women wore ankle rings on both feet, joined by short chains, which "tinkled" as they walked, and which made them take gracefully short steps. Livingstone describes an African chief's wife similarly wearing "a profusion of iron rings with little pieces of sheet iron attached to make a tinkling as she walked in her mincing African style."

The Rajasthani silver kada from the 1960, which was worn by Late Smt. Sayar Bai. This Rajasthani kada was gifted to her by her husband in 1960, which she wore every day, until her death. The anklet was bought for Rs. 75 in 1960.
The kada is inflexible and looks very simple and classical. It weighs 360 gms and is a solid anklet made of pure silver.
As said by Mr. Amarchand Chhajer, “Around that time it was compulsory for all girls and women to wear an anklet. It was meant to be tradition and the tinkling sound was a sign that there are women around. When the family members used to sit together, if they used to hear the sound of anklets, they would come to know that a woman is coming to them and they would welcome her with respect. For any family function, as a gift, silver anklet was always gifted to all women of the house.”
The kada has a very simple design, not too intricate to suit the everyday household wear. It is very plain with a little design on half a side. It is very heavy and usually symbolises the bravery of women. India has been known for its craftsmanship since ancient times. This kada is a typical example of excellent craftsmanship. The key to the success of silver anklet designing and manufacturing is the skill of the craftsman. These kinds of kadas were usually even worn by men in Rajasthan and so to suit them, kadas were designed very simple.
Ugam Devi, 70 years old, from Rajasthan says, “Kada was the main symbol of being a married woman. We could never be without wearing them as it was one of the compulsory ornaments worn by married women. There were various designs and we all women of the house used to get together and select each for ourselves.” She even added, “Even I got a similar kada gifted for my wedding by my mother-in-law as it is a ritual to gift to the daughter-in-law in our religion and it was considered auspicious. It is a main identity of a married woman. I have preserved the kada for many years, but these days no one prefers to wear them.”
Ideally, an anklet needs to be at least two or three inches larger than the ankle size, so that the beads, bells and other embellishments fall right under the ankle bone. The Rajasthani kada perfectly suits the requirement to fit all sizes of the ankle of women.

For more than four thousand years, silver has been regarded as a form of money and store of value. Investing in silver undergoes the same kind of cycle as most other investment vehicles. Silver is hot right now. Whether its value will continue to raise making investors more wealthy is yet to be determined. There are simply too many factors involved to accurately predict what will happen in the near future.
Apart from being an ornament, these anklets are even an investment venture in Silver. The rate of Silver in 1960 was Rs.211 per kg and the present rate is Rs. 48,300 (approx.) per kg. The price has tremendously increased and is a tangible liquid asset, which can easily be encashed in today’s date. The Rajasthani kada was bought for Rs.75 in the year 1960, and in the present year 2014, the rate is Rs. 17,400 (approx.). The price has increased 250 times in 50 years.
It is believed that from the ancient times, people who were wealthy chose to turn their wealth into precious metal such as gold, silver etc. since there were no banks to keep their money into. Also in those days, a rigid code of conduct was followed where the honour and sanctity of women was concerned. Therefore, most of the wealth amassed was turned into ornaments that could be worn, which when bad times fell could be sold and the family could buy food and necessities with. Later on, this only became a sign of status and symbol in the community and more recently, only a fashion trend.
Since it is not so fashionable to wear these kadas in the present time, they can be preserved and retained as an ancestral property and mainly as an investment. It suffices the needs of both wearing the ornament and investing in silver side-by-side.

Anklets have been an important ornament in various parts of the world. Anklets were worn as an everyday ornament by Egyptian women of all social classes in ancient Egypt from as early as pre dynastic times. The name for anklets was not much different from that of bracelets being menefret except by adding a phrase to denote connection to the feet. They were made of different metals and in multiple shapes, with more expensive metals like gold being more common among the rich, while less expensive ones like silver and iron more common among lower social classes. During the fourth, fifth, and sixth dynasties, anklets were usually made of beads threaded in several rows held together with spacer-bars. In the early twentieth century, anklets were commonly worn by Egyptian women of inner cities. They were called kholkhal and were most classically worn by women of Alexandria, along with a classic traditional dress. Today, anklets are not commonly worn by Egyptian women in public due to increased Islamic conservatism that has spread in Egypt where wearing anklets in public is generally perceived as being immodest.
Bronze anklets are visible as early as the Bronze Age in temperate Europe, in an area roughly along the Danube, in the Alpine foreland, up the Rhine to the Atlantic, and also down the Rhône. These were found among hoards in these areas, along with other bronze items characteristic of this time (c. 1800 BCE onwards), and are attributable to the Tumulus culture that spread across this region.
In India, anklets play a major role in culture and tradition. Rajasthani women wear the heaviest type of anklets, which are silver and signify tribal adherence. The women wear this for costume jewellery, but also to show their bravery as a tribe against other rival tribes. The fashion for heavy anklets is declining in India now, but is still common in the rural areas. Usually these are worn even by men. The word Payal is a word for the anklet in Hindi and Punjabi.

Wearing the anklets correctly is important. Anklets improve the womb, reproductive system, stomach, liver, and the feet. Girls who have to do a lot of running around or have to work standing up should wear heavy anklets as it increases activeness of the wearer. This is one of the reasons why in India, as soon as a child is born, he/she is made to wear an anklet in the feet.
Wearing of anklets or thick anklets made of pure silver around the anklets stops the inflammation of foot soles. It provides protection against swelling of the heels. It regulates peripheral blood circulation and activates lymph glands in the body and boosts immunity. It is beneficial in gynaecological disorders like menstrual diseases, infertility, hormonal imbalance and abnormal conditions of obstetrics. It regulates the flow of life force within the body improving health and looks and thus helps maintain health. It is widely believed that by wearing this, one's energy is not wasted but re-vibrated back to one's own body.
In Egyptian culture, wearing one is believed to bring good luck and fortune.

The fashion for kadas is declining in India. Most women and girls don’t prefer to wear it due to the heavy weight. But these are still popular in rural areas and among tribes. These are still worn by women in remote villages in Rajasthan. But in the urban areas, these kadas are rarely worn for spiritual and social significance.
As said earlier, anklets are considered to be traditional and auspicious gift for the new bride in India. Heavily carved payals or payals embellished with exquisite meenakari work are an all-time favourite gift for the newlyweds and it is meant to be an auspicious gift to be given to a bride. With the various designs available these days, no bride would refrain from wearing an anklet.
Anklets come in varying shapes and sizes in present times. From the traditional and rather delicate silver and gold chains, they have developed into beautiful threaded and beaded versions in wood, crystals, semi-precious stones and seashells.
Young girls wear it for fashion. Traditionally in use, anklets have taken up the fashion world with a storm and they are being worn by both young and married women in India. They would even wear on just one foot in the name of fashion. Funky and chunky anklets can be seen adorning a woman’s ankle. But mostly, the reason why girls like to wear anklets is that they are simply beautiful and pretty with pleasing tinkling sound.

The Rajasthani kada of Sayar Bai is only an ancestral property now. Because of its weight, no one prefers to wear the kada. They would rather wear very thin silver anklet just to continue the tradition to wear it. These days young girls sport it for fashion and trend. Though the fashion for kada is declining, the fashion for anklet still exists.
Wearing an anklet has multiple purposes. It can be for religious purposes or because their culture demands. It can even be for health or material benefits and even a great source for investment. So it majorly depends on the person buying the ornament about how they would want to use it.
In the ancient times, anklets was a tradition and it was considered as an investment venture where most of the wealth amassed was turned into ornaments that could be worn, which when bad times fell could be sold and the family could buy food and necessities with. Later on, this only became a sign of status and symbol in the community and more recently, only a fashion trend. Anklets have been important jewellery for Indian women and even today it has not lost its charm.





Conversation with Mrs. Ugamdevi and Mr. Amarchand…...

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Nora Roberts

...„Hladnokrvna kuĉko!“ Poželela je da stane i vrisne: Kako znaš šta sam ja? Kako znaš šta osećam? MeĊutim, vrata limuzine su se otvorila i ona je ušla unutra, u okrilje hladnog vazduha da bi je zatamnjena stakla zaštitila. Gomila je jurnula napred, pribijajući se uz barikade duţ ploĉnika. Gnevna lica su je okruţila; poput strvinara nad lešom koji još krvari. Dok su se kola udaljavala, gledala je pravo pred sebe, šaka stisnutih u pesnice na krilu i, na svu sreću, suvih oĉiju. Nije ništa govorila dok joj je pratilac sipao piće. Dva prsta brendija. Kada je otpila prvi gutljaj, najzad je progovorio. Smireno, gotovo nemarno, glasom koji je nauĉila da voli. ,,Pa, Dţulija, jesi li je stvarno ubila?“ Prvo poglavlje Za nju bi zaista mogla reći da je bila legenda. Produkt svog vremena, talenta i neumoljive ambicije. Iv Benedikt. Za njom su ţudeli muškarci ĉak trideset godina mlaĊi. Ţene su joj zavidele. Glavešine studija su joj se ulagivale, znajući da u vreme kada filmove prave raĉunovoĊe, njeno ime vredi kao suvo zlato. Tokom karijere, koja je trajala skoro pedeset godina, Iv Benedikt je imala uspone i padove. Iskoristila je i jedno i drugo da od sebe stvori ono što je ţelela. Ĉinila je šta god je htela, i u liĉnom i u profesionalnom ţivotu. Ukoliko bi se zainteresovala za neku ulogu, pokušala bi da je se domogne sa istim poletom a i svirepošću, ako je bilo potrebno, koje je ispoljila u borbi za prvu ulogu. Ako bi poţelela nekog muškarca, osvojila bi ga i odbacila kad ga se......

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Case Stydy

... moraju najprije biti pretreseni od strane ličnih tjelohranitelja gospodina Arnoa, a onda se vrata od neprobojnog stakla nečujno otvaraju kako bi posjetioci ušli u svjetilište svjetskog modnog carstva. Okružen svijetom raskoši i lusuza, gospodin Arno je bio možda najvjerniji ambasador proizvoda svoje kompanije. To je čovjek koji je, od strane nekoliko vodećih poslovnih časopisa, godinama proglašavan za najbolje odjevenog glavnog izvršnog direktora (Best Dressed CEO). Međutim, došao je trenutak kada je bilo potrebno procijeniti situaciju, ponovo osmisliti ili čak redizajnirati strategije koje će voditi njegovu kompaniju na ulasku u veoma izazovan period njenog kratkog postojanja. Da li će LVMH biti sposoban da ispuni svoja obećanja i udvostruči prodaju svojih proizvoda i profit tokom narednih pet godina? Godina 2001. je bila turbulentna godina za LVMH. Pod vođstvom gospodina Arnoa, LVMH je bio uveliko na putu sprovođenja strategije koja je pozivala na povećanje raznovrsnosti ponude kada je riječ o luksuznim brendovima i istovremenu ekspaniziju u više geografskih područja u kojima je kompanija bila slabo zastupljena. Teško bi se moglo reći da je to bio lak poduhvat. Ispostavilo se da mnoga preuzimanja brendova i proširenja proizvodnih linija iziskuju velika ulaganja, dok su mnogi od ovih poslova tek trebala da stvore značajne profite. Profitabilnost grupe se uglavnom oslanjala na male prinose od već uspostavljenih proizvodnih linija – obično vina, pića i proizvoda od kože.......

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...prilikama odlična, pa je i topografska orijentacija laka. Kada je vrijeme loše nastupaju teškoće. Prilikom prelaženja visinskih razlika krećemo se po markiranim (označenim) pješačkim stazama, koje su uređene i osigurane. Izbor prikladnog puta je posao koji zahtjeva puno truda. Označenih puteva ima više na zanimljivom terenu i terenu koji ne zahtjeva pretjerane napore. Kretanje na takvim putevima je sigurno. Bez posebne opreme, poznavanja alpinističke vještine i odgovarajučih iskustava, kretanje po bespuću nije preporučljivo, jer je nesigurno. pronaći zaklon i osigurati se moguće je i u visokim planinama, posebno ljeti kada je kretanje tim predjelima najbolje (najugodnije). Alpski predjel daje posjetiocu puno, ali mu puno i uzme ukoliko ne poznaje dovoljno njegove zakonitosti i opasnosti.     Močvarni teren se pojavljuje tamo gdje je površinski i vertikalni otok vode slab zbog svojstva tla. Dolazi do raskvašenosti tla ili je cijelo tlo pod vodom.  Obično je takav teren pratilac ravničarskih rijeka ili je ostatak jezera i bara. Kod nas su to obično manja područja koja lako možemo izbjeći i upotrijebiti utvrđene prometne puteve. Prohodna močvara obično je obrasla bujnim raslinjem, tlo je raskvašeno i meko. Ljudi i stoka lako ga prelaze. U sušnim razdobljima i zimi, kada se zamrzne, ne predstavlja poseban problem. Teško prohodno močvarno tlo obično je pod vodom, pa ga možemo lako savladati nekim plovilom ili ga prelazimo zimi kada je zaleđeno.     Teren obrastao šumom, makijom......

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...magnetno zrcalo, uređaj koji proizvodi statičko magnetno polje te odbija električki nabijene čestice kada se gibaju iz područja slabijega magnetnog polja u područje jačeg magnetnog polja. Magnetsko zrcalo je konfiguracija magnetskog polja u kojoj magnetsko polje nije homogeno, nego se indukcija magnetskog polja razmijerno mijenja uzduž prostora u kojem polje djeluje. Kao rezultat zamišljene silnice tog polja izgledaju kao da uviru u zamišljeni izvor, te je njihova gustoća na pojedinim točkama različita. Efekt koji se javlja u takvom polju je efekt magnetskog zrcala: on nastaje kada nabijena čestica uleti u takvo polje pod određenim kutom (koso prema mangetskim silnicama) te se nastavi gibati po spirali uzduž silnica (slično kao u homogenom polju). Takvo gibanje je uzrokovano Lorentzovom silom. No kako polje nije homogeno, čestica idući prema području veće jakosti polja rotira po sve manjem polumjeru, tvoreći sve manje spirale, dok se vertikalna komponenta Lorentzove sile ne okrene suprotno dotadašnjem smjeru rotacije, te čestica promijeni smjer gibanja. Rezultat ovog efekta je nagla promjena smjera čestice, zbog koje se čini da je čestica udarila u nevidljivi zid (zrcalo) i odbila se od njega (reflektirala). Magnetska boca nastaje kada se stvori polje od dva magnetska zrcala koja tvore prostor u kojem silnice polja daju oblik valjka, koji se na oba kraja sužava, te tako čestice koje su u njemu stalno opisuju spiralno kretanje od jednog kraja prema drugom bez......

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Marketing as Ethically Sensitive Area

...osetljivo područje - etika i oglašavanje - Sadržaj: Određenje pojmova poslovna etika i marketing 3 Etički kodeks 4 Poslovni bonton 7 Stvaranje zadovoljnog klijenta 8 Marketinška etika 10 Etika i oglašavanje 12 Primeri zavaravajućeg oglašavanja 13 Zabrane 14 Etičnost u marketingu 17 LITERAURA 18 Određenje pojmova poslovna etika i marketing Ima više definicija poslovne etike ali možemo reći da se poslovna etika odnosi na istinitost i pravednost očekivanja društva, poštene konkurencije, oglašavanja, društvenih odgovornosti i slično. Poslovna etika se takođe odnosi na primenu opšte prihvaćenih etičkih načela u procesu poslovanja pojedinca. Iz ovoga proizilazi da postoje dve vrste odgovornosti: - Lična (kada kršenjem etičkih normi pojedinac stiče ličnu korist potkopavajući opšte interese kompanije) - Korporativna društvena odgovornost (Vuković 2010,23) Marketing predstavlja proces u kome proizvod ili usluga nastaju a zatim dobijaju cenu, promociju i kanale distribucije. U velikim kompanijama osnovne funkcije marketinga prethode samoj proizvodnji proizvoda. Ove funkcije obuhvataju istraživanje tržišta i istraživanje i razvoj proizvoda, dizajniranje i testiranje. Marketing se u svojoj osnovi najviše oslanja na potrošače to jest kupce ali kompanije teže da promene proizvode posle određenog perioda vremena ne bi li stekli konkurentsku prednost, odgovorili na promene iz okruženja ili povećali prodaju ohrabrujući kupca da......

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...( un treškārt, pašu banku iekšējie dokumenti un procedūras (kredītpolitikas, iekšējās procedūras – piem., zini savu klientu, izsniegto kredītu kontrolēšanas procedūras) Runājot par kreditēšanas procesu, var izšķirt trīs procesus: 1. Klienta novērtēšana – cik klients ir drošs, kāda ir bijusi viņa kredītvēsture, vai ir uzkrātais kapitāls, viņa esošie ienākumi un perspektīvas darba jomā augt, vai klients atbilsts bankas kreditēšanas politikas kritērijiem; 2. Darījuma kredītanalīze – kur notiek kredītņēmēja maksātspējas novērtējums, nodrošinājums, darījuma struktūra un analīze 3. Līguma sastādīšana un vēlākā monitorēšana – vai klients laikā un pilnā apjomā veic maksājumus savu saistību dzēšanai, ja tas nenotiek, cik ātri var sākt parāda piedziņas procesu utt. Banku darbinieku primārais uzdevums ir kvalitatīvi veikt visus trīs augstākminētos soļus, kas jau kredīta izsniegšanas brīdī ļaus novērtēt un pēc iespējas minimizēt kredītrisku, kas attiecināms uz bankas klientu un uz darījuma risku. Tāpat, ja tiek runāts par kredītrisku, ir noteikti jāpiemin kredītu koncentrācijas risku, kas nozīmē kredītportfeļa pārlieku koncentrāciju kādā noteiktā ģeogrāfiskā reģionā vai , ja mēs runājām par Latviju, tautsaimniecības nozarē (jauno mājokļu celtniecība u.c.). Bankas pienākums nepieļaut šādu paaugstinātu koncentrāciju, tādējādi mazināt riska iespējamību. Latvijas komercbankas parasti izvēlās uz iekšējiem reitingiem balstīto pieeju, lai......

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