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The Rack of a Shotgun in the Night

In the clear early Saturday morning around 4:30 am, I completed my shift on a part time detail at a popular hip-hop night club that I worked for off duty along with two additional officers. The club serves alcohol to the 21 year old and over crowd. The capacity level is reach quite frequently every Saturday night. The potential party goers who can not gain entry try to hangout in the parking lot of the club. The club owner employed several off duty police officers with myself included to deter in crime or incidents on the property after the club is closed at 4:00 am. My job was to ensure that no loitered in the dimly lighted parking lot of the club. I would walk the parking area in my full department issued uniform to give the show of officer presence to hinder any crime that could potentially take place. I checked to ensure there were no disputes physical or verbal in the parking area. A clear presence disrupted any vehicle theft or vandalism too. I walked the parking area and gave verbal instructions to individuals who sat in or just stood by vehicles to make entry to the establishment or depart the property. A combination of alcohol and poor judgement has been a factor with people who did not follow instructions in the parking area. At 4:00 am, one of the security guards for the club opened the front door and I could hear the DJ say that the club was closed. The loud music had stopped and people began to exit the club to the parking lot. I stood near the exit to ensure that no one came out with an alcohol. One of security guards helped a female who drunk out of the club. The drunk female was with two other female friends that drove her home. I walked to observe the security guard assist the intoxicated lady and her girlfriends to their vehicle. I approached the car that the women were in as I shined my flashlight…...

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