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 Act #74-enacted in January 21, 1901. It provides for the establishment of Department of Public Instruction and establishment of PCAT now TUP and PNS now PNU
 Act #1870 founding of UP (June 18, 1908)
 Act #2706 Private School Law (enacted March 10, 1917)
 Commonwealth Act #1- preparatory military training shall begin in Elementary grade school at age 10. This act was amended by PD 1706 (August 8, 1980) requiring all citizens to render civil welfare service, law enforcement service and military service.

 Commonwealth Act #80- (October 26, 1936) established the Office of Adult Education (vocational training in an effort to eliminate illiteracy)
 Commonwealth Act#578 (June 8, 1940) conferred the status of PERSONS IN AUTHORITY upon teachers
 Commonwealth Act #586 Education Act of 1940-reduction of number of years in elementary (from 7 to 6), fixing school entrance age 7 years old, national support of elementary education, compulsory attendance in the primary grades for all children enrolled in grade one, introduction of double single session
 Commonwealth Act #589-(August 19, 1940) established school rituals in private and public schools
 RA #137 (June 14, 1947) enacted the Board of Textbooks
 RA #896 (June 20, 1953) Elementary Education Act of 1953. This law repealed Commonwealth Act #586 (restoration of grade 7, abolition of double single session, compulsory completion of elementary, compulsory enrolment of children in public school upon reaching 7 years old)
 RA #1124 (June 16, 1954) created the Board of National Education
 RA #1265 (June 11, 1955) compulsory daily flag ceremony in all educational institutions
 RA #1425 (June 12, 1956) teaching life, works and writings of Rizal especially Noli and Fili in all public and private schools
 RA #4760 (June 18, 1966) Magna…...

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...Essay about President Barack Obama’s speech “Back to school” Education is enormously important. The wish of having a good education system and people who freely use it is not something that only a few countries want or wish, but almost the whole world takes aim at this. The focus on education has particularly in the United States big mentions and support. The current Government, which are sitting on the power right now, has this area high on their list of upcoming plans for the future of the US. President Barack Obama has therefore also this topic involved in most of his performances and in most of the speeches he makes. Therefor, it’s definitely an option for the President to talk about the education topic in his speeches, which we also see in one of his speeches from 2009. This speech was held in Arlington, Virginia on September the 8. Obama visited Wakefield High School and presented his speech in front of a lot of older students, but also upcoming students, who was just about to start in a new step in the school system. As mentioned earlier, a clear point in President Barack Obama’s speech is how important the role of education has. This may also be the most important point he tells his audience about. He explains how, in this century one only can count on being considered for a job if one has an education. One can’t just expect that a job will appear and choose one, if the person has no proper education. Therefore will many good properties and abilities of the......

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...August 15, 2014 Mrs. Pinnau, Mrs. Horras, Mrs. Hockinson Harlem High School 1 Huskie Circle Machesney Park, IL 61115 Dear Teachers, I am Logan Close, and I am sad yet relieved to be in senior year of my high school career. While no one, including me, enjoys going back to school, it only means that I am one year closer to going to college and becoming a responsible adult in the so-called real world. I am hoping to get into Madison Media Institute with my friends to become game designers. My second choice of schools is NIU as of now. Since I was a young child, around seven to eight years old, I began to leave the sport of baseball and become more into soccer. I eventually dropped baseball to focus more on soccer, and since then I have been involved in at least one soccer league a year, most of the time more than. I am currently trying out for Harlem’s Varsity team. It is tough trying out for varsity compared to junior-varsity, but it will be a fun and amazing experience if I do get placed on the team. In a few days I will find out which team I make it on. In terms of academics, I am decent, but not really much to be proud of. I am known for procrastinating, which then turns into not doing work and not turning it in for a grade. I know I am better than what I put out, but I get bored of school and decide to give up. Even though I know this flaw in me, I do not do much to change it, even when I tell myself I need to and will. As it always goes; the first quarter...

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...Barack Obama: Back to school On September 8, 2009 was Barack Obama visiting Wakefield High School. Barack Obama held a Speech “Back to school event” for the first day at school on national television. In this Speech he stressed the importance of education. He would spread a message across the country: do not give up, do not quit because: “you’re not just quitting on yourself, you’re quitting on your country” (l.63-64). The rhetoric in this speech that Barack Obama held to all American pupils is a classic way of build-ing it up: The opening is first. Here Obama says hello and talks about the first day in the semester. Then the narrative, which is some background information. Here Barack Obama talks about his own experience as a pupil. After the narrative comes the argumentation. In the argumentation is all the main weight of the speech. He talks about obligation, the future for the students and so on. Then the ending is coming. Here Barack Obama concludes what he expects from all the students Barack Obama starts off by addressing the audience personally in the very first line, “Hello every-one – how's everybody doing today?” (l.1). He sets the scene and reaffirms his authority not just as the most powerful man in the world but, more importantly, as an equal. That Barack Obama uses ethos creates a much more personal relationship between him and the listeners. After Barack Obama has welcomed all of the students at Wakefield High School and the rest of the American pupils, who...

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...Quotations from foreign visitors The following observations are taken from actual comments made by foreigners about Americans. Read each one and think about what each comment says about the U.S. culture relative to others. 1. Visitor from India “Americans seem to be in a perpetual hurry. Just watch the way they walk down the street. They never allow themselves the leisure to enjoy life; there are too many things to do.” 2. Visitor from Colombia “The tendency in the US to think that life is only work hits you in the face. Work seems to be the one motivation.” 3. Visitor from Kenya “Parents are so occupied earning the weekly or monthly pay that they find very little time to devote to their children.” 4. Visitor from Taiwan “Before I came to America, I always heard how hardworking Americans are, but compared to my people they don’t seem to work very hard at all. Why, Americans only work five days a week!” -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5. Visitor from Japan “Family life in the U.S. seems harsh and unfeeling compared to the close ties in our country. Americans don’t seem to care for their elderly parents.” 6. Visitor from Colombia “I was surprised, in the United States, to find so many young people who were not living with their parents, although they were not yet married. Also, I was surprised to see so many single people of all ages living along, eating alone, and walking the......

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