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Quick Survival Tips
Porsha K. Oliver
Grand Canyon University: EDU 536
June 25, 2014

Quick Survival Tips How the teacher should act (Kohl, 2014): • Teachers should act as role models in the classroom to students. • Respect should be displayed to the students by listening to them and being understanding of any concerns they may have. • A teacher must show an interest in students’ lives outside of school to show them that they are valued • The teacher must model positive behavior in order to create a positive environment for the students.
How students are expected to behave (USCS, 2001): • Students are expected to display good manners to the teachers as well as to their peers. • Students are encouraged to engage in class activities and ask questions at any time. • Students are expected to follow all given rules and procedures in the classroom. • Students are expected to complete all assignments.
What the classroom might look and feel like (Wong and Wong, 1998): • A classroom is set up for student’s to work productively. • The room has a positive climate which allows the student’s to work under calm and pleasant environment. • The students are behaving in such a way that the rules and procedures are enforced. • Students are being respectful and cooperating with each other. How the teacher helps students conduct themselves properly (Kelly, 2014): • The teacher should display positive actions and attitudes to maintain control. • Teachers should be consistent in enforcing all rules. • Over planning could be an option to cut down on letting students have any between times to cause disruptions. • Maintaining parental contact to keep them up to date on their child’s academics and behavior.

What the teacher should do about misbehavior (ADPRIMA, 1997): • The teacher should…...

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