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Dissent and Altruism are a matter of personal conviction, but situational factors are also involved. Analyze five situational factors that are involved when a person decides to rock the boat and choose conscience over conformity.
Dissent and Altruism is the inclination to assist others selflessly or take dangerous actions on behalf of others. (Wade & Tavris, 2008, p. 298) It is partly a sense of moral goodness of one’s own conduct, intentions or character together with a feeling of obligation to do what is right. Additionally, there are external or situational factors that can influence a person’s decision to state an unpopular opinion, choose conscience over conformity or assist a stranger in trouble.
The decision by someone to act courageously can be influenced by multiple situational factors. Situational factors can influence both Altruism and dissent. Below, we examine five of those factors. 1. You become aware that there is a need to get involved or assist:

Before someone can act without relying on something or someone else, they must be fully aware that their action is absolutely needed. Private Johnson Gideon Beharry, of the Princess of Wales Royal regiment, in 2004 acted courageously to save his fellow soldiers.

He drove his armored vehicle with his hatch open, exposing his face and head to enemy gunfire. Beharry drove the crippled warrior through the ambush, taking his own crew and leading five other warriors to safety. He then extracted his wounded comrades from the vehicle, all that time exposing himself to further enemy fire. (Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry VC, 2011) As cited in (The London Gazette, 2005)

However, people can sometimes purposely ignore wrongdoing to justify their inaction.

2. The situation will increase the probability of someone taking responsibility:

When someone is part of a large crowd of onlookers, the…...

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