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Public Securities Corporation (PSC), a wholly-owned stock brokerage firm of the AFP Retirement and Separation Benefits System (AFP RSBS) envisions itself to be one of the top stock brokerage firms in the Philippines. The company was acquired by the AFP RSBS from a group of private individuals in 1994 with the main objective of taking advantage of the favorable prospects in the stock market and at the same time, to generate income for the mother company.

Value turnover at the Philippine Stock Exchange slowed by 30% and lost P383 billion from P1.2 trillion in 1997 to P817 billion in 1998 due to the Asian Financial crisis. The decline in value turnover resulted to less commission income generated from broking services that caused both local and foreign brokers to leave the Philippine equities market and applied for temporary suspension, while others opted to cease operations totally. Political instability also discouraged investors in Philippine equities during the Estrada Administration. Illegal trading activities, such as frontrunning, insider trading and “kiting” resulted to the loss of investors’ confidence towards the regulatory bodies, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Philippine Stock Exchange.

This paper presents three frameworks to analyze the effectiveness of the company’s current strategy. Among the frameworks employed was PEST Analysis or Political, Economic, Social and Technological Analysis which was used to highlight the impact of economic, political, social and technological factors on the industry. In addition, the driving forces which affect the competitive landscape of the stock brokerage industry were also scrutinized, to wit, regulatory influences and government policy changes, as well as the subsequent departure of major players in the industry. Finally, the Key Success Factors (KSFs)…...

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