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PT1420 - Unit 3 Homework and Lab Assignment

Unit 3 Assignment 1: Homework

1.) A dietician wants you to write a program that will calculate the number of calories a person can lose by walking at a slow pace for a mile; however, the user will have only the distance given by a pedometer, which is measured in steps and not miles. Assume each mile a person walks is equivalent to 2000 steps, and that for every mile walked, a person loses 65 calories. Allow the user of the program to enter the number of steps taken throughout the day. The program will calculate the distance in miles and the number of calories lost. The user of the program should also be able to enter the day of the week the data is being calculated for. The day of the week, the distance in miles, and the calories lost should then be displayed to the screen.

Using the Input, Process, Output program cycle, list the elements to be included in each step of the cycle, based on the program requirements above.

Paste your answers here
Miles walked
Day of the week
Process # of steps/2000
Process answer above *65 calories
Output day of the week, miles walked and calories lost

2.) Design a program that converts Celsius temperatures to Fahrenheit temperatures. You can approach this using either pseudocode or a flowchart, or both.

Paste your design here.


Unit 3 Labs


Write a program that will take in basic information from a student, including their name, their degree program, credits required to complete the degree program, and how many credits they have taken thus far. The program will calculate how many credits are still needed to graduate. Displayed outputs should include the student name, degree program, number of credits taken, and number of credits still needed to graduate.

1.) Lab…...

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