Promoting Equalty and Diversity Among Children

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Working in a school environment introduces us to a wide variety of different culture, religions, views, beliefs, characteristics and backgrounds.
To make sure that we are meeting all the requirements needed that allow us to involve everyone equally in the school, we have to understand the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion.

Respecting and understanding the differences between individuals and groups in our society. In regards to their religion, gender, family structure, disabilities appearance and sexuality.
Having the ability to explore the diversity in our society and schools helps us to understand and value individuals and make every child feel special.


Diversity highlights the chances that are available, giving equality of opportunities in order to achieve and experience the same opportunities as well as anyone else.


Making every child, regardless of background or social appearance, feel accepted and to be treated equally, being fair and consistent in our actions.
Many schools, including mine, have an equality policy that relates into classroom behavior. All the children are asked to be respectful take turns and share. We regularly have parent visits to the school talking about religious festivals and years 3 and 4 and 5 practice the art of African drumming and the reason behind it.
Equality enables all children to receive support they need to achieve their full potential.


Including every one in the class, group or team, valuing all their opinions and giving he chance to voice an opinion.
The school curriculum has to ensure that that inclusion is possible, and that there are…...

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