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Pearson Specter is a fictitious law firm in New York City (Picked from Suites-TV series).
After watching the TV series ‘Suits’, we felt that we could relate to the organizational designs. Also, practically, we are currently studying the main topics such as culture, ethics, motivation, impact of organization hierarchy, leadership.
We can clearly see the human emotions and the internal hierarchy in the series. These emotions and practical demonstrations of work culture and ethics will help us learn better about the building blocks of a successfully running organization. We can analyze the facts and we already have some suggestions for the operation of the firm. Hence, we think this would be a very good topic for discussion on organizational design and implementation (orientation).



Key Persons: * Managing Partner : Jessica Pearson , Harvey Specter * Senior Partner : Louis Litt * Partner : Paul Porter, Watson * Associates : Mike Ross and other associates * Paralegals: Rachel Zane etc. * Assistants: Donna Paulsen, Norma etc.

Observations: * There are less layers in the organization. * Hence, more transparency and more interaction. * There need to be more departments for very specific tasks or mundane tasks which can prevent mismanagement.
Need to work on this analysis and suggest some improvements.

Analysis Points: * At a higher level, everybody has to follow a certain culture which comes by the profession. * They have to be devoted to their work and have to put the work before family and personal lives. * The senior partners especially Harvey and Louis do not get along well so others like Mike and Donna get caught in the crossfire every now and then. But when it comes down to the firm’s reputation,…...

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