Post It in the Office or in the Bedroom

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Post It In the Office or In the Bedroom
As time has gone by, advertisement agencies have evolved to appeal to the masses, but as the trends have changed, Aristotle’s three methods of persuasion Ethos, Logos, and Pathos have remained constant throughout the years. As Ethos appeals to the audience’s moral compass and character, Pathos appeals to their emotions, and Logos appeals the logic of the individual in order to jointly make an impression on each reader. These three methods of persuasion have remained throughout the evolution of advertising, and with the impact they allow advertisements to make, they will continue to be a constant aspect of advertising in the future. This Post It advertisement is a humorous appeal to the everyday reader. The average person, young or old, cannot wait for the weekend and the adventures that come along with it. This particular aspect of those adventures deal with the morning after releasing all of that weekday angst. That awkward moment when you wake up and want to know what happened, where it happened, and who with. Whether they had a one night stand or simply were too inebriated to remember a new friend’s name, everyone has had an awkward moment like this pictured above. The note attached to the woman’s forehead seems to be the key to avoid such an awkward situation and being a bad host. This advertisement implies that with Post It notes in hand, the reader will not have to worry about seeming like a bad person and that if unavoidable, these notes will help to aid whatever situation comes their way. The advertisement also uses Pathos to exploit each reader’s emotions. The embarrassment, shame, and confused feelings that each person experiences when confronted with this type of situation are exactly what Pathos is appealing to. This picture portrays a mortifying situation, but the Post It note saves the pictured man of such…...

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