Poor Study Habits of Elementary Pupils

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Reading is a basic tool for learning in all subject areas. The ability to read and speak correctly and impressively is a very valuable asset for a child to develop for a child to develop. It will help him avoid being laughed at or embarrassed due to incorrect pronunciation. It will help them gain self confidence.

This study sought to answer the following questions:

1. What is the level of achievement in the reading inventory test of the Grade III pupils of Mac Arthur Elementary School? 2. Do the following factors: a. Home c. teacher b. Pupil
Affects the reading achievement of the pupil? 3. Is there a relationship between reading inventory test scores of the pupils and their achievement in English? 4. Do male and female Grade III pupils differ in their reading ability?

Plan of Action and Time Frame:

The following are the steps that the researcher would like to follow and the corresponding time frame in every step:

No. | STEP | TIME FRAME | 1 | Identify the number of pupils that have a very minimum participation | August 2014 | 2 | The researcher would then take a result of every pupil | September 2014 | 3 | Plan simple activity that will address the capacity of pupil in their learning. | October 2014 | 4 | Interpret the data gathered. | November to March 2014 |

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LYNDE C. APITA LERIO P. PAGDATO Researcher School Head

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