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This guy that wants to get this girl he writes to try and get the girl.
Lines 4­6 describes the woman as a deer that is being hunted down. It is used as a petrarchan conceit metaphor.
Line 7­8 His goal that he is trying to accomplish is unreachable. This is an example of paradox because he tries to put something in a net that cannot be placed in a net.
Noli me tangere­ touch me not: inverted structure
Anne Bolign was the deer and the hunter was Sir Thomas Wyatt, who was rumored to have had an affair with her.
Love becomes a metaphor for a hunt.
Last line­ wild has bad notation because she was loose and flirtatious
Line 5­She is in India and he is in Northern England. This shows their distance.
8­10 Allusion to their love lasting forever from bible time period
11­23 *should* love growing like vegetables
Growth of love compared to the growth of empires
Hyperbole demonstrates how much he loves her and how long he would need to demondtrate this love
All ashes into lust: allusion to dust and ashes being destroyed or dissapated
To His Coy Mistress­ He is a game playeaor and she is not Mythological allusion to Appollo’s charriot pulling the sun
There is not enough time in the world for him to show his love for her.
100 years go to eyes, 200 to adore each bosom , and 30,000 years for the rest. And all he would say was that he loved her and she deserves…...

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