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PLN 2601- Assignment 3
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Contents Scope 3 Urban Design 3 Principles/Elements 3 Local Character 3 Quality of the public realm 4 Connectivity 4 Diversity 5 Area Background 5 Local Character 5 Connectivity 6 Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design 7 Renewable Energy 8 Density 8 Mixed use 9 Adaptability 10 High quality public realm 10 Integrated decision making 11 User participation 11 Reccomendations 11 Glossary 11 Bibliography 12

This report will identify and briefly discuss the Environmental and Physical influence, the particular urban design principles, and what opportunities and constraints these principles present for urban design application generally. The report will then discuss, with examples, how Wastewater management, Mixed use development, and public access and amenity, already apply in the area surrounding Grand Boulevard to the south of Joondalup Central business district (Appendix A). It then provides recommendations on how green roofs, crime prevention and housing density, can be applied to this area, to address the constraints and/or take advantage of opportunities.
Urban Design A definition of urban design has been offered in an article by Kevin Cambell and Robert Cowan in Planning (12 February 1999). Urban design can be considered to be
"the art of shaping the interaction between, people and places, environment and urban form, and nature and built fabric, and influencing the processes which lead to successful villages, towns and cities."
Urban Design is the art of making places for people. It is therefore how they function, not just how they look. It covers the connections between people and places, movement and urban form, nature and the built fabric and the processes for ensuring successful places are delivered and maintained.Urban design draws together…...

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