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Games are popular as a means of entertainment and many people also think that playing games teaches us about life. I disagree with that because games are harmful to us rather than useful. They’re just cyberspace in which violence plays the main part and people cannot control the way they spend time to play games.

The game producers always try to make their games look more familiar with the real world to attract people’s attention and create a better environment for the players. Unfortunately, because of its similarities with the real world, some children and teenagers confuse it with the real world. They often act like what they do in the games even when they are at school or at home; for example, they shout and fight their friends as the warriors or sometimes they call themselves as the name of the characters in the games.

It’s even worse when we consider the games’ contents. Beside many games like puzzle which is not harmful at all, there are many games which are violent and often of the most interest to people. Take “The Grand Theft Auto” series as an example, it is obvious that the players think this game is fun and awesome but its content is too violent: allowing player to steal car, killing anyone in sight and escaping from the police. Violent games are at top highest rated with the players, they cause more and more aggressive behavior in our society.

Finally, we must agree that the game maybe useful as long as its content is security and people can control their time playing it. In fact, most game players are teenagers, who are too immature to control themselves, and of course, they fail to deny the attractiveness of games. In addition, parents often pay no attention to that because of business or if they care about that, they appear to be incapacitated. Therefore, games remain addictive and harmful to us rather than teaching us something about life.…...

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