Plagiarism Not Fit for School

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Plagiarism Not Fit for School
Plagiarism is part of an existing problem of academic dishonesty. A third of high school students acknowledge copying from the internet for a paper (Facts & Stats). We live in an age where information is freely available. The internet has made that possible, also making cheating a task that is easily accomplished. People download music and movies the same way they can download a term paper. You can download a song, burn it to a CD, and put it in your car and listen to it without any realistic consequences. So why can’t you borrow a few lines from an article and put them in your paper without acknowledging the source? Turns out a lot of students do this. The same as downloading music, they don’t suffer any realistic consequences.
Plagiarism is “the act of using another person's words or ideas without giving credit to that person” (Merriam-Webster). According to this definition, plagiarism extends far beyond just academia or writing. It is also prevalent in TV and radio. One notable case is joke theft. George Lopez, a Mexican-American comedian, confronted fellow comedian Carlos Mencia for stealing his jokes (Joke Theft). The act of joke theft amongst comedians has been around as long as stand up comedy has been popular. TV and radio broadcasters plagiarize every day. They read a story on the air without acknowledging the source. I think this form of plagiarism is actually borderline criminal. They are making a profit off of the information they are plagiarizing without sharing the profits with the source. With plagiarism being commonplace in our society, how can we expect students not to learn from that example?
The root cause of plagiarism is laziness. In the case of joke theft, the comedian didn’t have to come up with is own original material to make a profit. Copyright infringers don’t have to spend money to gain entertainment.…...

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...Running head: Plagiarism 05/21/2012 Plagiarism Maurice Alexis Everglades University Prof. Mark ENC 2100212 SA 250 words Journal #3 God created humanity to accomplish his mission which consists of filing up of well doing the entire world. To realize this task, the humankind needs to produce in order to complement the godly plan while improving his one living condition and demonstrating his abilities and capacities to each other. In this way plagiarism should be banned to better respond to the ideal of our heavenly father. Plagiarism is cheating when someone uses the exact words or ideas of another person and considers it like his one. It’s a form of stealing referring to Latin definition. This act is prohibited in a few places like school, college, universities and some other moral institutions. Plagiarism is defined also as doubling or pirating someone else’s thoughts without permission. It’s a serious offense......

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...According to Bretag (2013), plagiarism affects one’s academic honesty that raises concerns for educators. When speculation of plagiarism arises it questions the trust, respect and fairness of the teacher and penalties for the students. Bretag (2013), states that academic integrity involves the teachings of one being able to gain knowledge to be able to take accountability for one’s actions and be able to develop the necessary skills to become a successful scholar. Academic integrity relates to accountability and the levels of trust from within all levels of education. Plagiarism is a breach within academic integrity as it involves a student cheating, the use of another person’s work and usage of internet resources to meet the need of the required assignment. However, plagiarism is on the rise amongst high school as it varies according to the method that is used to determine plagiarism. According to Bretag (2013) information that is provided on recent research was to determine the causes of plagiarism, which is which relates to the lack of knowledge that is not given to students at an undergraduate or post graduate level (p.1). With recent complexities of plagiarism a study was conducted, asking students to identify plagiarism within the text. Studies revealed that students were not able to properly identify plagiarism, as they did not have knowledge of properly paraphrasing to avoid plagiarizing. However with the increase of culturally diverse backgrounds within the......

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Plagiarism determine whether the students understanding regarding the subject. The Universities- The detection system help maintain the prestige of the degree. And the final output (student) is up to the standards made by the Universities. 2. What responsibility should a professor take to detect plagiarism The responsibility that, professors take to detect plagiarism as follows- • Introduction about plagiarism, and make student understand about what is plagiarism, what are the kinds of plagiarism and what are the consequences of plagiarism. • Professor may refer to the detection systems to detect plagiarism in a project or assignments. There are plagiarism detecting web sites such as, and • The one big responsibility of professor is to read the assignments carefully and see if there is no difference in the writing pattern in a single assignment. 3. When should disciplinary action be taken against a student? There are several methods to deal with plagiarism. But the real question is when to take those actions. According to me the actions can be taken in following circumstances. If the student is caught doing plagiarism in his first assignment, then the professor should talk and warn about what is he doing wrong and remind him about the consequences of his wrong doing. If the student, repeat the same act again. The professor should cut his marks in the assignment. And if the student keeps on repeating the......

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...Plagiarism Plagiarism is the act of copying or unauthorized use of thoughts, works, and data without acknowledging the original author. Plagiarism has become a major threat to the entire higher education society which needs to be addressed with high priority. It not only damages the reputation of the university but also damages the career of a student who is involved in plagiarism. It is the responsibility of a student to guard the reputation of the school and take it to higher levels with his creative and genuine works. However, lack of moral values and abundance of resources in various forms attracts a student to plagiarize. A student deliberately plagiarizing may gain short term benefits but this extenuates the situation by self sabotaging. Most assignments are carefully designed keeping in mind with some objectives, which a student needs to research and formulate the findings to fulfill those objectives. However, whether you get caught or not the consequences of plagiarism are inevitable. It not only reduces the chances of a student’s academic growth, it also damages the relationship with student’s professor and peers as well. Besides this, it causes major damage to the student who honestly works hard to complete the assignment. He may not receive the credit he deserves for his genuine work, which discourages him to take up further assignments. Plagiarism limits one’s creativity to come up with a unique solution to a challenging problem. Paraphrasing in their own......

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