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Title: PickCup Noodles
Executive Summary
Loca Group was established in 2012, and consists of 5 members who are working on a new start up project to start in 2013. The business plan Loca Group has made involves a fast food cup noodle station, adapted from a similar concept that has been widely successful in its country of origin, Japan. The station will be called PickCup Noodles, and it aims to fulfill the demand for noodles consumption within Malaysia.
Because the concept of a fast food noodle station is relatively new to the Malaysian market, the main problem found within the project is brand recognition. However, because there is no similar business in Malaysia today, PickCup Noodles will become a new innovation in both the cup noodle and fast food industry market in Malaysia.
PickCup Noodles’ Mission, Goals and Objectives are first, to launch the flagship store in Masjid Jamek by April 2013, second, to finalize agreements with suppliers and arrange order shipments and documentations by the end of December 2012. Third is to finalize store renovation, decoration and also create promotional campaign, by January 2012. The fourth objective is for PickCup Noodles to reach 5000 cups sold monthly by April 2014, last but not least determine company innovation project by September 2013.
PickCup Noodles will conduct business in a business space located on Jalan Hang Lekiu, Masjid Jamek, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This area is strategic because Masjid Jamek is the one of the biggest MRT interchange stations in Kuala Lumpur, thus there are mass amounts of people who pass the area everyday. The largest target market that Loca Group has found is a working adult, and because there are a lot of workers who use the MRT to go to and from work, it is a strategic business decision to locate our flagship store in this area. Moreover, to maximize sales during non-peak or normal hours,…...

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