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Personal Responsibility and Educational Success

In order to effectively accomplish personal responsibilities, one must believe in self and make positive choices in life. It is important to take control of personal actions by having confidence and discipline. When remaining true to self and confident; the outcomes in life and college success become rewarding. Wikipedia defines personal responsibility as the idea that human beings choose, instigate, or otherwise cause their own actions. A corollary idea is that because individuals cause actions, they can be held morally accountable or legally liable. However, many define it as an internal factor that affects each human being. It drives thoughts which lead to words, which influences choices, which determine actions, which form habits, which develops lifestyles, which ultimately establishes destiny.

Personal responsibility depends on each individual. The achievement of goals depends on many different factors, but the main one is to be aware of the responsibility it has in lives, on the well-being of the individuals, and personal happiness. One should take personal responsibility for their own actions so they can lead themselves to a pathway of success, how one decides to manage their time between their personal responsibilities, and their college success is a major factor in achieving one's goals. One must learn to prioritize by any means, keeping healthy, managing one's emotions, keeping a sound mind, treating oneself with respect and knowing one's limits can help one achieve their goals.

The key to effective educational success is developing a mindset that will allow growth and successful outcomes. Setting realistic short term goals is a way to analyze the current situations that might affect the relationship between succeeding…...

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...Personal Responsibility Essay Gen 200 July 28, 2014 Personal Responsibility Essay “Being thoughtful and taking responsibility serves you well, as your accountability is one measure of your success. In our professional and personal lives, most of us typically take responsibility for our actions, words, and attitudes. An occasional “oops” can rapidly put us on a radar that we'd prefer not to be on, irrevocably annoy our student population, or cause a family rift.”  (Zavod, 2014) Personal responsibility is a choice we all have to face when deciding to do the things that will help our future or the lives of those in our care, like my personal responsibility to succeed at college to better support my family. For me, that “oops” could have drastic impacts on our family’s financial well-being. Each person has their own definition of personal responsibility determined by their own background. If one includes financial success in their definition of personal responsibility they need a plan in place for how to achieve financial success. Naturally, there is then a large correlation between personal responsibility, financial success, and the success one has in their education. Each person should have a plan to complete their education and how their own personal responsibility fits in with that goal. Merriam Webster says responsibility is “something that you should do because it is morally right” (Merriam-Webster, 2014). For me going back to school is a personal......

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