Personal Responsibility and College Success Final Draft

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Personal Responsibility and College Success
Angela A. Guzman
University of Phoenix

Personal Responsibility and College Success Being a mother of two while going to school can be overwhelming. Daily tasks such as taking care of my two girls, house chores, and balancing school work is hard to squeeze into a day unless you learn to manage your time wisely. In order to manage your time wisely you must take charge of your actions by practicing self-discipline. Making the right choices can lead to many rewards, but holding yourself accountable for failures will help you make better decisions in the future (Haskins, 2009). Time management, self-discipline, and accountability all comes down to personal responsibility. In my opinion, personal responsibility is setting an attainable goal, taking the actions needed to reach your goal, and holding yourself accountable for those actions. In short, personal responsibility is the key to college success. Self-discipline Planning to go to college is a big step that requires a lot of self-discipline. Self-discipline is about setting attainable goals and being able to follow through until reaching said goals. Setting attainable goals will help you succeed. Attempting goals that are unattainable not only sets you up for failure, but will discourage you from setting new goals in the future. Using a planning strategy of taking a long-term goal and breaking it up into short-term goals will keep you on track (Ellis, 2010). Most people get overwhelmed by a long-term goal and do not see the many minor goals along the way. It is important to reward yourself for even the smallest of accomplishments along the way towards your larger goal. If you do this, it will keep your morale high, and you will not get discouraged. For example, if you pass a test or complete a course, you could reward yourself with dinner out. Not only…...

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...Personal Responsibility and College Success Lisa Tavarez GEN/200 November 26, 2012 Ms. Brenda L.Torres, MSEd. Introduction Personal responsibility is the most important ethic that an individual can exercise. With the development of personal responsibility comes growth in all areas of life. It is a matter of taking charge of your own life and your circumstances, and giving it your all, in order to achieve great results. Effective time management and planning, and the knowledge of how to use college resources will be critical for survival. Hard work and integrity are essential on the path to higher education. Self esteem and discipline play a major role in college success. Students who feel confident about themselves are happier, and more sociable, and tend to perform better academically. There are unforeseen challenges on the path toward achievement; one must have discipline, focus, and determination to be successful in college and in our chosen professions. Professional accomplishment does not come easy it takes time, motivation, and dedication. The knowledge that we acquire as students today will reflect in the professionals we become in the future. Academic success is within our reach but only if we are committed, and strive for self improvement every day. We must be persistent in pursuing our goals despite the obstacles that we may encounter along the way. Personal Responsibility and College Success Personal responsibility is self awareness; a......

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...Personal Responsibility Collin Todd Gen200 02/04/2013 Dennis Golden Personal Responsibility When I was younger my mother would always tell me to be a responsible adult. I really did not understand her until I got older. One day my mother and I got into an argument and never really got along after that. So I moved out and moved in with my cousin. I was only 12 years old. I needed to learn how to be a responsible adult. I had no one to take care of me and I was on my own. So I had to learn how to grow up a lot quicker than other kids my age. When I got older I needed to figure out what I wanted to do after high school. So I joined the Marines. The Marines taught me different ways to be responsible. During my Marine Corps career I was taught different learning styles and how to be persistent to reach your goals. Without the corps I probably would have not done anything with my life. When I left the Marines I felt I needed to apply 3 key elements to be successful. These key elements are personal responsibility, learning style and persistency. What is Personal Responsibility? What is personal responsibility? To me personal responsibility is to be accountable for oneself and the people around you, in most any situation, there is no other person to hold accountable for your life than yourself. Everything we do is a direct reflection of your personality and the decisions you make. Kohlberg said, “Most theories of moral cognition...

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...Personal Responsibility and College Success Cody Murphy GEN/200 October 16, 2012 Alyse Stone Personal Responsibility and College Success Thesis Statement Some people believe that they can keep their same routines and successfully complete a college degree. Students must analyze and adjust their personal responsibilities to be successful while attending college. College success depends on the ability to balance personal responsibilities and academic requirements. Some students do not change current routines while attending college. A student must change routines in daily life to be successful in college. Personal responsibility is the responsibilities and obligations people have to themselves and others. Personal responsibility is the ability for a student to make a positive impact on lives. Personal responsibilities include; physical and mental health awareness, stress management, and maintaining financial obligations. It takes a high level of fitness and determination to succeed in an ever-changing academic world. The students will experience many stressors that will influence their academic outcome. The students need to make financial arrangements to ensure a degree completion. In a recent study published in The Journal of College Admission scholars suggested: Students drop out of college for a variety of reasons, such as academic failures, personal problems, or changes in career plan. Those who fail to attain a college degree have fewer career......

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...Personal responsibility and college success are both important. In order to make college a successful endeavor, one must take responsibility for completing all that is required to the best of one’s ability. Each college student is responsible for completing their assignments and other requirements in a timely manner. Personal responsibility also means that personal college goals must be set. Once the goals have been determined, the college student can figure out what is necessary to reach those goals. A plan of action and a timeline to reach each goal is also a personal responsibility to make college a success. Although people rarely set aside time, personal responsibility is an integral element for college success. One must set time aside to set goals, and to determine a plan to achieve success form the college experience. Personal responsibility and college success is one main key element when furthering ones education. Personal responsibility is when one sets time aside, makes personal goals and know why one wants to succeed in their college experience. It is important for one to identify the purpose of going to college, so that one can have something to look back on when one feels the urge to give up. College success is essential in obtaining ones degree, completing ones scheduled classes and obtaining a satisfactory grade to one expectations. One must determine why college success is important. Some examples are obtaining a higher salary and a more reliable......

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...Personal Responsibility and College Success Christina Anderson GEN/200 December 23, 2013 April Hankins Personal Responsibility and College Success Personal responsibility means taking responsibility for the choices you make. Personal responsibility is a choice that you have to make. Taking personal responsibility for something gives you something to measure up to. “Personal responsibility is the key to college success.” (Houston, 2011) If you want to be successful in college, your personal responsibility goals should include a preliminary plan that you will practice in your education. When it all comes down to it, personal responsibility is being held accountable for the choices and decisions you make in life. This also includes accommodating the significance of the results of what you do. (Swarmer, 2012) Personal responsibility means taking responsibility for your decisions. When talking about this term, you’re using personal responsibility as a yardstick to measure up to what you want to accomplish in life. Usually personal responsibility starts off with a task, a want or a desire. Sometimes you take care of these duties on your own, or you might work them out in a group. If you’re a good person, it means taking personal responsibility seriously. When you make a mistake or do something wrong, it also means you take responsibility for the choices that you make. Personal responsibility means you critique yourself and make things right when something goes wrong.......

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...Personal Responsibility in College Success Samantha Farris Gen/200 May 19, 2014 Laura Pipoly Personal Responsibility in College Success Personal responsibility is a vital key to success in college. By securing a schedule and making both short and long term goals, one will be able to consciously maintain a higher level of personal accountability as it pertains to college success. Time and stress management are essential tools in dealing with day to day variations within personal and professional life. Personal responsibility is the one tool that will be the driving forcing one to be honest with themselves about all aspects of life while pursuing a college education. There are many tools that can be used to aid in the journey of personal responsibility in college success begins. Assessing time management is the first step. A clear and concise schedule should be made to include ample time for studies. While making this schedule time should be allotted for family situations as they may arise, work schedule, and leisure time. Life is always subject to change, so it is a good idea to build in extra time slots for study time and assignments. Next goals must be set. In setting goals, it is a good idea to set long term goals first. If one knows where they are trying to go then they can find their way. Many short term goals should be set to assist in meeting long term goals. It is imperative to be able to maintain stress levels if success in college is the long term goal.......

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...I. Personal responsibility is realizing that we all are accountable for our thoughts, choices, and reactions. Personal responsibility means to finish what you start, value yourself as well as your education. II. When applied to education, personal responsibility means that as a student you are accepting the responsibility to work hard and to learn as much as you can in courses that pushes against the limits of your learning ability. A. Priorities by giving yourself plenty of time to study B. Get plenty of rest the day before C. Never study the day before or on the same day you have a test 1. Your clarifying which goals is most important to you 2. This helps with maintaining your future grades 3. You are also birthing new habits and new college ideas III. The most important reason personal responsibility means to finish what you start, value yourself as well as your education is because when applied to education, personal responsibility means that as a student you are accepting the responsibility to work hard and to learn as much as you can in courses that pushes against the limits of your learning ability A. You’re modeling new successes in your life 1. Your challenging your academic needs while attending college 2. Your moving forward, gaining new strengths 3. You’re exposing yourself to new ideas, cultures, and concepts 4. A lot of us will start college but never finish IV. In conclusion, without......

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...Personal Responsibility and College Success Personal Responsibility and College Success When a student makes the decision to commit to a college education, they must be prepared to take on certain responsibilities. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, organizational skills and time management, goal setting, and follow through. Frequently students fall short on these responsibilities and attempt to blame others for their failures. The student must realize that they alone are responsible for reaching their academic goals. The best way to predict how a student will perform in college is by using their high school grade point average (Haskins, 2009). The grade point average is a good indicator of the students’ level of commitment and personal responsibility toward their education. Students who have performed well in high school show that they have the potential ambition and personal responsibility to excel in the realm of higher education. Personal responsibility can be defined in many different ways to different people. In Ron Haskins article written in 2009, The Sequence of Personal Responsibility, he states that “When applied to education, personal responsibility means that students accept the responsibility to study hard and learn as much as they can in courses that press against the limits of their capacity” (paragraph 3). Another view is that personal responsibility requires self awareness of a person toward their personal success (Mwangi, 2012).......

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...Personal Responsibilities and College Success Jowanda Johnson Gen/200 February 27, 2012 Michael Baker Personal Responsibilities and College Success As to start this paper, there are some responsibilities that will be share and what it means to people. It will also talk about the relationship between personal responsibility and college success, and last but not least, the main reason of being successful in school. When people hear the word responsibilities, it comes to their mind to take actions, to be obligated to do something, maturity, reliable, and trustworthy. Responsibilities mean to that people have to do things that they normally do not do. Examples, taking care of their kids, making sure the bills are paid, having transportation for the kids, having clothes and shoes, and having food in the house. There are a lot of ways to be responsible. Secondly, when it comes to personal responsibility and college success, the two seem some what the same. People can not have one without the other. They both have goal settings and require time. Personal responsibilities is the key to college success because at times, people often find themselves falling short and have a habit of turning assignments in at the last minute or try to cram in a lot for a big test. People do not try to use their time wisely when it come their personal habits or in school and that is where lack of success comes from. Finally, the preliminary plan includes how to practice time wisely. Try......

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...hinder a student’s success in college. Personal responsibilities and how a student handles them is a very important barrier to understand. Students must understand how their responsibilities can affect their everyday functions and those around them. Understanding these responsibilities will make gaining a higher education easier and more fulfilling. Personal Responsibility is taking responsibility for your actions, accepting the consequences of those actions and understanding what impacts your decisions have to those around you. At the college level, your personal responsibilities can include attending and participating in your class activities. It may also include assisting other students with group projects and learning from one another. Personal responsibility has been very important in my life and career. As a US Sailor, I had the responsibility of protecting my fellow Americans from harm. This is a responsibility that I volunteered to carry. Sometimes our responsibilities are not voluntary. When you sign up for a college education, you are telling the institution that you are willing and able to handle the responsibilities included with such a step. There are many barriers that can hinder a student’s college success. Every individual has a personal responsibility to succeed. Although they may focus on different aspects of their responsibilities, the result remains the same. Culture can be a barrier that affects college success in a group......

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