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My passion has always been in the field of Accounting and Auditing; that’s why I obtained my Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Accounting. During my university years, I worked throughout to gain the relevant experience needed in my career. I started as a Junior Accountant with Pannell Kerr Forster and within a year I was promoted to an Audit Senior. This opportunity helped me identify my passion as an Auditor. From there, I have decided to further my career in the field of Auditing and obtain all necessary certifications to become fully qualified. For this reason, I started my Masters of Business Administration at the Henley Business School. In the process of completing my MBA, I seek personal and professional self development as a step forward in my career.
Reflecting and determining the ‘key learning event or moment’ in my life, I chose to focus and analyze on my recent position as an Internal Audit Senior. I chose this for the reason that, my experience before joining the Bermudez group primarily focused on the functions of External Auditing. During my time as an Internal Auditor in my organization, I faced many obstacles that lead to my disappointment of not moving forward in my career to date. I did not fully understand the functions of Internal
Auditing, which required constant questioning and research of the Internal Audit process. As a result of this, I experienced several delays in the delivery of my final reports and critical review notes; this led to me questioning my knowledge and experience of Auditing. I experienced fear and doubt in my practice of going forward as an Auditor. However, I did not let fear and doubt influence my career path. In this key learning moment, I recognized the areas of my auditing skills and knowledge…...

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...Unit code: SHR053-6 Personal and Professional Development Handbook (Oman) February 2014 © University of Bedfordshire 2014 Published by the University of Bedfordshire Business School Luton Campus, Vicarage Street, Luton LU1 3JU, United Kingdom Unit Handbook © University of Bedfordshire 2014 Contents Contents 2 Welcome 3 Learning resources at the University of Bedfordshire 3 1 Introduction to the unit 4 2 Overall aims of the unit 4 3 Overview of unit content 4 4 Prerequisite knowledge or skills 4 5 Learning outcomes of the unit in more detail 5 6 Programme of Workshops 6 7 Study resources for this unit 7 Recommended additional resources 7 Recommended journals and other periodicals 7 Recommended websites and online content 8 8 How to study this unit 8 9 Assessment 9 The Reflective Journal 9 Welcome Welcome to the Personal and Professional Development unit of the University of Bedfordshire MBA Programme. This handbook contains advice and information you will need to successfully complete your work on this unit. It should be read in conjunction with the overall Programme Handbook, which you should have already received. The handbook serves two main purposes: * It summarises the key concepts and provides you with a framework and a map for this unit. * It provides you with information about learning resources, infrastructure and virtual learning environments for studying the MBA at the University of Bedfordshire. If...

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Personal Development because I have no relevant experience in this industry. Experience is crucial and is something I need to be able to gain an advantage over others when the time comes to apply for a graduate position. You can learn so much information and acquire so many skills from a work placement, as well as giving an insight to what my life could be like after I have finished my studies at university. On completion of my degree I intend on applying for jobs related to my chosen discipline with the hope of moving out of the United Kingdom. I wish to build on the knowledge and skills that I already possess until I feel like they are at a high enough standard to be comfortable in a management position. L’Oreal is offering a graduate recruitment and development industrial placement within their London Human Resource department; this is one placement that particularly caught my eye. L’Oreal is a large and well-known organisation with divisions all over the world, in my opinion to work in a business on this level would be a great opportunity to get a true flavour of the world of Human Resources and help to progress my skills and knowledge in this particular industry to the best they can be. You must be on track to attaining a 2:1 in your degree in order to be eligible for a placement within this organisation, as I achieved quite good grades in my first year of studies I am on the right path to achieving this grade with an expected 2:1 overall. Job Requirements • Strong team player –When......

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