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Sam Walton opened Wal-Mart in 1962 with his brother James the first store was located in Rogers, Arkansas (Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., 2012). By 1967, they had 24 stores and in 1969, Wal-Mart became incorporated as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. There are many items sold at Wal-Mart, including but not limited to, clothing, sporting goods, electronics, housewares, and groceries. The company has experienced continual growth over the last 50 years and is now the largest retail company. Wal-Mart now employs 2.2 million associates worldwide and has over 9,800 Wal-Mart stores and 611 Sam’s Club Warehouses throughout the United States and around the world (Hoover’s, 2013). Financial reports indicate that they had $469.16 billion in sales, which resulted in gross profit of $116.67 billion in net income for their fiscal year-end January 2013 (Hoover’s, 2013).
The Problem Wal-Mart is the largest private employer in the United States and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) has been trying to get their employees to unionize for the last decade (Berfield, 2012). UFCW helped create a group called OUR Walmart in 2011, along with Cindy Murray, an employee at Wal-Mart for 13 years. The group has around 4,000 members (Berfield, 2012). In October of last year, Wal-Mart experienced the first labor strike its history by its retail employees (Wilkie, 2012). The employees demonstrated at 28 stores in 12 cities throughout the United States. This strike came about because the employees wanted Wal-Mart management to stop retaliating against those who were planning to demonstrate outside of stores on November 23, 2012, better known as Black Friday (Wilkie, 2012). The OUR Wal-Mart group were able to pull together 500 of its members, along with…...

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