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When confronted with conflict, people have response with courage or cowardice When confronted with conflict, it is often faced with difficult, or even threatening, situations. Often when humanity finds itself in conflict, coping with the struggle of interpersonal, cultural and racial, inner or moral conflict can bring either courage or cowardice out in people. This is made evident in Bruce Beresford’s “Paradise Road,” but also in real life situations.

It is naturally human to experience conflict, we will all be forced to respond to conflict at various times and various forms throughout the course of our lives, and in order to live serenely we attempt to avoid and resolve conflict. Those who experience moral conflict are truly tested and the core of their characters brought into sharp focus as they make sense of their experiences and wether the will response with courage or cowardice. For Daniel Morcombe’s family it is the conflict of enduring the type of justice they wanted regards the brutal murder of Daniel that this encompasses. Overcoming the traumatic grieve, they created a website educating people on children's safety. It was this moral conflict of enduring persistent and injustice that these individuals projected their true identities and subsequently, emphasise to society how courage can be found in the worst conflicts.

Whilst conflict merely involve two parties disagreeing over differences of opinion, this interpersonal conflict can bring out either courage or cowardice in people. We have seen throughout history that major conflicts in the form of war and international political unrest, lead many to experience horrific and life-changing conflicts of a larger scale. A recent global example of interpersonal conflict is Malala Yousafzai, who was shot by the Taliban over her fight for universal education, urged people in war-torn countries to swap…...

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