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Cabela’s Incorporated Organizational Planning

Cabela’s Incorporated is a specialty retailer of hunting, fishing, camping and outdoor goods with headquarters in Sydney, Nebraska. Cabela’s was founded in 1961 and now operates retail stores across the United States and Canada. Three important goals of Cabela’s Incorporated are increasing customer spending, improving marketing effectiveness and increasing retail space by adding new locations throughout the United States and Canada.
The first of these three goals is “increasing customer spending through customer targeting, digital and mobile marketing, social networking, specialty catalogues and marketing new products” (Cabelas 2014). This goal can be achieved by focusing advertising and emphasizing the world class customer service that Cabela’s customers have become accustomed to. Cabela’s has a large customer base with high brand loyalty that expects the newest and most advanced products available to them and the company offers free lifetime guarantees for all Cabela’s branded clothing and equipment. “In 2013 [Cabela’s] launched our brand platform “It’s in your Nature” which creates a connection between us and our customers by focusing on our common appreciation for the outdoors” (Cabela’s 2014). The company is in line to increase sales and profit due to an increasing popularity in hunting across the United States and Canada. With the increasing popularity of hunting and fishing across the country there is an increase in conservation efforts that Cabela’s supports further increasing favorability with the public.
Along with increasing customer spending Cabela’s will focus to improve marketing effectiveness by optimizing marketing channels and expanding digital and e-commerce capabilities, today’s consumers expect to able access information at any time and any place. There has been and upward trend in e-commerce in…...

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