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Good morning respected dignitaries, faculty members and my dear friends

It’s my pleasure to be over here taking responsibility to share my views with you people. I feel proud to join this college which has well esteemed lecturers with good academic Excellency. And also I feel grateful to say that our college is Hub of Knowledge and we feel it like a family.

I express my deep sense of gratitude to our faculty for lending their helping hand in every right path we choose. And we are also very lucky to have lovely juniors to whom I would like to give promise that what might be the help you need, we are always ready to give our helping hand.

JIMS has a strong positioning due to the quality of the students that it admits, as well as the quality of the academic staff the Institute engages. It is my belief therefore, that in pursuit of your academic goals, you will play your role in uplifting the standards of this great Institute.

JIMS is a place of learning for knowledge-driven learners. It has been built with an aim to impart education that surpasses the benchmarks of excellence. It has a comprehensive pedagogical structure which provides paramount academic skills, curriculum with the ever-evolving dynamics of global business environment, esteemed faculty with their vast experience, expertise and world class facilities.

JIMS PGDM program incorporates interaction of students with academia, corporate leaders and policy-makers through Seminars, Workshops, Presentations as well as guest lectures on subjects of topical value. The formal class-room teaching is reinforced by company visits and internships, consultations and field research studies, which empower the students to take charge of the business world squarely.

The PGDM Retail & Marketing program constitutes regular interaction of the students with the industry to keep them aware of the corporate…...

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