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Defining an Industry: What is the size and scope of the Australian Building and Construction Industry? By Gerard de Valence

Gerard de Valence Construction Economics, Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Introduction The traditional structure-conductperformance approach to industry economics originated in the US in the 1930s with the work of Mason (1939) and Bain (1959). This is now the standard framework for analysing the dynamics of an industry. However, the size and scope of the Australian construction industry at the turn of the millennium may be better understood using an alternative model that highlights the diversity of the industry and the range of actors involved. Industry analysis has traditionally focused on groups of firms with similar characteristics in their production processes, goods or services produced, and markets served in the wider economy. The distinction has been between firms and industries, and the analysis has emphasised the importance of economies of scale and scope (Sutton 1991) or organisational structure (Williamson 1979). One major difficulty in the standard structure-conduct-performance approach has been the definition of industries within the theoretical criteria of product homogeneity. Further, some analysts see the construction industry as a manufacturing system, similar to the automotive industry. This view underpins the recommendations in the Egan Report (1998) in the UK, which emphasises lean thinking in construction. This analogy argues the industry in Australia has a few very large key players whose task it is to 'assemble' constructed items, complete buildings or transport facilities for example. These key firms play the same role in both 'production' and innovation as the…...

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... University of Phoenix Material Earth’s Dynamic Ocean and Atmosphere II Worksheet From Visualizing Earth Science, by Merali, Z., and Skinner, B. J, 2009, Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Copyright 2009 by Wiley. Adapted with permission. Part 1 Figures 1 and 2 depict two important features of the world ocean. Figure 1 shows one way in which the ocean basins filled with water and Figure 2 represents one of the many mineral sources contributing to ocean salinity. [pic][pic] Figure 1 Figure 2 1. Explain the origin of ocean water in 150 words. 2. Discuss the particular way in which Figure 2 contributes to the salinity of seawater. What is the current theory on the evolution of the world ocean? Part 2 This critical thinking question is from Chapter 12 in your textbook: In May 1990, a container ship called Hansa Carrier encountered a storm in the North Pacific at about 48° north latitude, and lost 21 containers overboard, five of which contained 80,000 Nike shoes. The shoes carried serial numbers that identified them as being from the containers. By the end of 1990, shoes were washing up on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and Oregon. By the winter of 1991, shoes were appearing on Hawaiian beaches. Using Figure 12.11 in the textbook. Answer the following questions: 1. Which ocean currents were most likely to have transported the shoes? 2. Locate and describe one other surface current in the world ocean. Part 3 [pic] Figure 13.3 in the textbook helps visualize how......

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