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PESREL analysis of entertainment and media industry What is the political situation of the country and how can it affect the industry?
Tax and tariff:
Market entry barriers:
EU market entry policy:

What are the prevalent economic factors?
Inflation: a rise in the inflation rate of any economy would affect the way companies’ price their products and services. Adding to that, it would affect the purchasing power of a consumer and change demand/supply models for that economy.
Impact of development of Internet:
Impact of develop of computer games:
Impact of declining power of TV programme:
Impact of diverse distribution:
Impact of decline of CD industry:
Impact of increasingly competitive environment of family entertainment industry:
Foreign exchange rates: between Belgium, US and Germany
FDI policy:

How much importance does culture has in the market and what are its determinants?
Ethic issue related to TV programme:
Changes in lifestyle of people:
Acceptance for culture from other country:

What technological innovations are likely to pop up and affect the market structure?
Refers to automation, research and development and the amount of technological awareness that a market possesses.
Are there any current legislations that regulate the industry or can there be any change in the legislations for the industry?
These factors have both external and internal sides. There are certain laws that affect the business environment in a Belgium, US and Germany etc. while there are certain policies that Studio 100 maintains for themselves.
What are the legal concerns for the industry?
Children protection…...

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...AHDB PESTLE Analysis and Outcomes 2013/14 Background AHDB Objectives are: i. ii. Deliver value for money for Levy Payers in everything we do. Improve efficiency and productivity in the industry to help levy payers have thriving businesses. Improve marketing in the industry to help profitability and customer awareness. Improve services that the industry provides to the community. Improve ways in which the industry contributes to sustainable development. iii. iv. v. PESTLE In our 2012 planning process (for 2013/14), we have considered the key challenges and opportunities facing the UK agriculture and horticulture industry through a PESTLE analysis. (Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legislative and Environmental). Given that the six commodity sectors we work with are affected by the factors listed below to varying extents, we provide a brief description of the impact in the short-term and long-term. This PESTLE analysis is a planning tool (at a single point in time) and occasionally significant changes can occur quickly which will result in changes to the activities of AHDB, even though the PESTLE has not been formally reviewed. 1 Impact Short-Term within 3 years Impact Long-Term 3-20 years Implication for meeting the objectives of AHDB Political “GREEN GOVERNMENT” Green Government/Climate Change Mitigation will seek reduction in GHG emissions The Coalition Government has stated it wishes to be the greenest Government ever.......

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...PESTLE Analysis Strategy Skills Team FME ISBN 978-1-62620-998-5 Copyright Notice © 2013. All Rights Reserved ISBN 978-1-62620-998-5 The material contained within this electronic publication is protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and treaties, and as such any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is strictly prohibited. You may not copy, forward, or transfer this publication or any part of it, whether in electronic or printed form, to another person, or entity. Reproduction or translation of any part of this work without the permission of the copyright holder is against the law. Your downloading and use of this eBook requires, and is an indication of, your complete acceptance of these ‘Terms of Use.’ You do not have any right to resell or give away part, or the whole, of this eBook. PESTLE Analysis Table of Contents Preface 2 Visit Our Website 3 Introduction 4 PESTLE Analysis 6 PESTLE Factors 10 Political Factors 12 Economic Factors 13 Social Factors 15 Technological Factors 16 Legal Factors 18 Environmental Factors 20 Summary 22 Other Free Resources 23 References 24 ISBN 978-1-62620-998-5 © 1 PESTLE Analysis Preface The PESTLE Analysis is a useful method to use in order to identify the external factors that......

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