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History of Just Organic Dogz

Founded in 1988 in St Petersburg, Florida “Just Organic Dogz” became a staple in the local farming community. The demand for healthy clean eating was prevalent. According to the Organic Trade Association, 78 percent of American families purchase organic foods (Wright, 2013). It was then on a monthly Farmers Market event when we decided selling our product and “Just Organic Dogz” came to fruition.

Nearly 70 percent of all processed foods contain Geneitically Modified ingredients. Choosing organic is the only guarantee that food is free of genetic modification. You may find it difficult to believe that quality is of upmost importance when you recognize name brands such as: Nathan’s or Oscar Meyer. The diffierence in our product is the way in which our animals our raised.

The Organic Trade Association statsitically reveals: Organically raised animals are not given antibiotic additives; therefore, organic diary and meats products do not contain these residues. Consistent exposure to low doses of antibiotic residues can also disrupt the normal flora of the human gut, reducing the number of healthful bacteria and leaving humans more vulnerable to harmful bacteria and illness (Wright, 2013).

Our company philosophy and products stem on the health and welfare of our human family, animals, and the Earth. We are a mission driven company owned and operated by local farmers. We take pride in our natural agriculture and take extra measures to ensure a delicious quality product from our farm to your home. We value nutrition and a wholesome lifestyle and will never use harmful pesticides, herbicides, or antibiotics on our animals or their feed.

We remain driven to excellence and integrity to our commitment to consumer education, economic sustainability, and humane practices. We have established food prices to reflect…...

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